Super Busy

Sewing is great, but, it doesn’t currently pay the bills. I’m not sewing and honestly probably won’t until September. Right now, I am coordinating a week-long baseball camp between Baltimore and Kawasaki, Japan.

The boys are all 15 and very nice.  Baltimore lost the first game, but our second game is Tuesday and we weren’t slaughtered Sunday — so, I have high hopes. Even better, my counterpart in Japan and I have developed such a great relationship, that all the gifts from the Japanese delegation are sewing related!

First this silk from the delegation

This piece is from the interpreter

And this?? Well, this my friends is from my counterpart in Kawasaki! She was in Tokyo and picked up a tape measure and pattern tracing wheel for me (I have the duller marking wheel but the red Clover pattern tracing wheel is new to me!).

Funny from the weekend?

That’s $500 worth of Rogaine on the floor of my car. It’s apparently hard to find and expensive in Japan. I was asked if I could buy some and handed  six $100 bills. After choking out a ‘yes’, I hit four stores to find about 10 boxes. Which, considering I have an entire collection of red Clover tools from my sewing friends like Ginevra and just asked Melissa to buy me BarryM nail polish, I’m not complaining at all!


  1. Nice stash enhancements…who knew anti-balding kits were so expensive in Japan…here’s to international exchanges. ~ksp

  2. That is amazing! So thoughtful. I love those fabrics. But really, couldn’t they have found you some pink clover tools? 😉

  3. Well at least that makes sense. I was scratching my head after your facebook entry. Yay for international friends and their gifts!! Hey did the package I sent you ever get there?

  4. Who knew that thinning hair was an international problem? Perhaps we can fix the balance of payments if we just do a deal with Rogaine.

  5. The fabric is beautiful; I especially like the blue piece. The Rogaine on your car floor is a laugh, given your great hair! I don’t blame you for not sewing during the summer. It’s been so long coming that you should enjoy the warm weather while you can. And what’s more fun than watching kids play baseball? I’m sure they’re enjoying it and appreciative of your time. Have fun!

  6. OMG, two of my favorite things: baseball and sewing! Boys that age are so great and fun to be around.

    I’m still LOL over the Rogaine. I just find it funny that men worry so much about their hair since I don’t care whether they have hair or not.

  7. you know in british english slaughtered means completely and utterly drunk, but that still makes sens in your post. bet you got some funny looks buying all that Rogaine, I guess it’s not for the 15 year olds?!

  8. Very nice! Enjoy Asian hospitality. The Rogaine recipient is a lucky duck, it rings a bell both from Asia and my European home base to long for Stateside shopping. Good on you for coordinating a Japanese-American baseball camp 🙂 and for paying the bills. One has to keep a sharp eye in this economy, I’m doing the same here by working but in a sewing and blogging standstill.

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