The weekend continues

Here’s a photo of me in the top. The pattern is BWOF 2-2008-123. I had a lot of confused co-workers yesterday. Especially the men. They just kept staring trying to figure out if my shirt was different or if they were seeing things. The women were asking around trying to figure out why theirs didn’t look like mine. It was actually kind of funny.ย  At anyrate, I should have read the reviews. Or at least the directions!

The reviews first note that it’s a little short in length. Which is theoretically fine for an outdoor festival. But, not so good once you start eating funnel cake, soft serve, pho and all the outdoor festival goodnesss. Also, because I didn’t read the directions, I didn’t notice the true width of the collar and waistband. They should be double. The would certainly have helped with the length and definitely with the almost peek-a-boo top.

Overall, not bad and I would definitely make it again in ‘real’ fabric and for the next time I need to convert a tee.

Both my brother and uncle entered the BBQ contest. My brother took first and my uncle third in chicken (that’s my niece holding the ribbon). They did not make this:

That’s a Phillipine style suckling pig.


  1. I would have never thought to customize a t-shirt. I should do that! Maybe I’d be open to wearing them. LOL Ummmm… that pig? Wow… I haven’t seen one of those in years!

  2. OMG – can I come for dinner?…there’s nothing better than a suckling pig…and BBQ’ed no less! I love great BBQ. Love your top- it is so cute on you!

  3. Wow, I’d heard lots of good things about Baltimore, but I feel like getting right on a plane :-).. That said, Burda gets me -every- time with the stupid stuff about giving you the finished band measurements without telling you so. Meh. Still love your t-shirt, no wonder the coworkers were envious!

  4. I like how you used contrast for the neck and waist. I had big plans to re-con a work tee a few weeks ago, but waited until the last minute and all I managed to do was cut the sleeves shorter and the crewneck wider. Still, a vast improvement over what I started with.

  5. I’ve heard that when people customize “group event” t-shirts, they can get some envious looks from their workmates. My suggestion would be to only customize the shirt enough to fit in a flattering way (slightly more shape, slightly lower neckline, narrower sleeves, etc). That way, you still look like part of the team but people will be wondering all day why you look so awesome in the “same” boxy t-shirt that they are wearing.

  6. That BBQed suckling pig reminds me of my early childhood, visiting my mom’s hometown, where everyone comes to a party.

    You look very cute in that recon t-shirt.

  7. Cute t shirt – that pig reminds me of Kalua Pig from Hawaii. Since there are many Filipinos in Hawaii, I’m sure those dishes (and pigs) are related.Congratulations to your brother and uncle! Lucky you to get Championship BBQ ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Cute top and what heaven the festival must have been! I’ve cooked many a suckling pig but I’ve never tried Phillipine style. I’ll have to find a recipe!

  9. And I’ll bet there wasn’t a guy at the event who didn’t prefer your tee to all others. I didn’t know you had a brother, and your niece is so cute! Will she be taking Sewing 101 with Auntie?

  10. The confused co-workers situation is too funny, the BBQ talk is getting me hungry and the suckling pig is just huge and scary.

  11. Cute shirt and outfit. Very fitting for the muggy weather we’ve recently (your up/down the road PG county blogger). Gotta confess: the pig was kinda rough. :-). Always enjoy reading your posts (and I’m still laughing over the pig). Hope he won’t pop up as a nightmare as I’ll be turning in shortly. :-). Take care and stay cool!

  12. Ooohh!! Litson (Filipino Tagalog for the suckling pig in the photo), it might look creepy but with the traditional style gravy, and the crispiness of the skin and the juicy-ness of the meat, you’re not going to want to stop eating. LOL!! I love your blog and I appreciate you like litson!

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