Things Calm Down

It’s been a crazy busy month on this side of the world.  But, my reward came early! Remember when I bought the Singer 221 Featherweight? Well, one came without a case. The woman selling said her mom had the case and accessories and she’d let me know when she got it from her mom.

Well, this morning I went and picked up the case. It was in perfect condition. I noticed it was crazy heavy and I figured there must be a buttonholer inside.

Which there was….

And this zig zagger!

And this great book!

And these singer sewing lessons! Complete with samples from the class!

And a complete box of accessories!

And a random tucker!

An instruction manual, two keys and a can of oil!


If I owe you an email, package or phone call — I’m working on it this week. Thanks for your patience! I slept a full 12 hours Monday and Tuesday after three solid weeks of work. I’ve never appreciated a day off so much 🙂 I’m having a party this weekend — and you know how much time that takes! I have hopes (ha!) of making something for the party. But, I doubt it’ll happen 🙂



  1. What a treasure trove of stuff! You are the perfect person to get all that because you’ll not only appreciate it but use it. I’m looking forward to seeing what you make with all of your new toys.

  2. WOW – How did you calm down enough to write this post? I’d be on a Featherweight high for days – weeks, more likely! WOW!!! You hit the motherload, for sure! Enjoy!!!!

  3. The picture of the green Singer box almost brought tears to my eyes. A pang of deep nostalgia for the Featherweight machine I learned to sew on, that once belonged to my grandmother. My sister uses it now I think.

  4. very cool! just took my machines in for servicing and was staring at the old refurbished machines on the display cabinet and thought of you (and your sewing machine farm as someone once put it. lol!) enjoy!

  5. What a deal! And a treasure-as one has mentioned. I’m sure you’ve already told yourself “No way, Ebay.” Glad things are on the calm down for you.

  6. What a load of treasures! A word to the wise, don’t use the oil on the machine. Treat it to new, pretty clean oil. Treat the old oil as a “collectible”. Same thing for the lubricant, you can find it in Jo-Anns. 🙂

  7. I am drooling!
    My greatest find was a singer mocha 301 for $15 (in a cabinet) at a second hand store. . .

  8. can I have ur email address? I am new to sewing and I have alot of questions. I love your work it really inspires. My email address is I’ve searched the blog for ur email but couldn’t find it. I just have a few questions on sewing machines, sergers patterns, and your sewing experiences. Hope to hear from u soon! thanks

  9. Glad to see you’re doing well, despite being so busy! Hope you get time to sneak some sewing in somewhere!

  10. Wow! Good thing it’s you, and not me, or that party would be cancelled, and you’d find me on the floor in a sewing stupor after a weekend with all of that stuff!

  11. Man, I am so in envy of that ruffling foot you got, they just don’t make them like that anymore. Nowadays, the part that gets the most stress from holding the foot to the machine is made of PLASTIC! And it cost at least $60 for the foot! Mine has broken twice and is now beyond repairing. Highway robbery I tell you, I’m sure they do it on purpose!

    Oh, for the days of quality accessories!!

  12. Cidell,
    I found a featherweight listed on Craigslist for $420. It’s in mint condition with the box, all the attachments/accessories and the original manual. Do you think that’s a good deal? I see you’ve become your own sewing machine dealer over the last year, and thought maybe you could shed some light on reasonable pricing.

  13. Hello

    Out of all the machines you could have picked why the singer featherweight. What was it that made this machine so special,what can it do that other machines cannot?

    I would love to know. I have had a good look at them and beside being lovely to look at I am not sure what it has over other machines

    thanks in advance


    • For many, it’s the perfect straight stitch of the machine which is great. For me, me it’s the portability, the nostaligia and the sturdiness. They are lovely to look at too 🙂

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