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I Buy Thread Too…

Like Carolyn and Shannon, I do tend to stock up on thread. I hate looking for thread mid-project and think it looks cheap when my thread doesn’t match my fabric. I don’t order online, instead, I wait until I visit my parents.

In Panama City, I can buy a 500 meter / 547 yard roll of Gutermann thread for $1. That’s just 1.8 cents a yard. I can buy the smallest Gutterman for 45 cents. So, when I visit, I write down the colors I have and fill in what I don’t.

Yeah. . . . LOL. If my Spanish were good enough I would ask to find out where the cleaners and tailors puchase big rolls. But, that is beyond my abilities.

What I totally don’t understand is why the same thread is twice as much in the States. I’m *thinking* that since it’s made in Mexico — shipping costs are less? Trade agreements?

I also picked up a vary form curve (I think — it’s regla curva de corte) and an L square.  Both are made in Mexico, wooden and $5.

They are both marked in metric, which I find FAR easier when dealing with BWOF and sewing. I have never liked fractions 🙂

I tend to stock up on hand sewing and machine needles here. The hand sewing needles are Japanese sharps and 85 cents for a pack of 10.  The sewing machine needles are 25 cents each — so 10 needles for less than $3. They are Singer made and come in wing, lycra, knit, woven (cotton) and polyester. If there is a ‘universal’, I haven’t seen it.

Oh, this time I got these HUGE marking chalks which are 5 cm on each side. These are 50 cents each.

I’m leaving on Friday and I think I’m going to stop by a local furniture maker and see if he can make the curves out of teak (sastsre, variable, francesca, gota de modisto). I figure it can’t be as much as Atlas Levy sells them for at $95 🙂 Yes, totally inspired by Els’ post at the Sewing Divas.