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They Must Go to the Same Fashion Shows

Desperation set in and yesterday I headed to the mall for a pair of jeans. After finding a pair marked down from $70 to $15 (SCORE), I went snoop shopping at Anthropologie.

I think Burda designers must be going to the same shows as Anthropologie’s.

Here is the Checkered Please Coat that I tried on ($178). Oh, and you can now download photos from!

You can’t tell from the photo above, but the jacket has a pieced yoke in the back and front (is it called a yoke in the front??) that extends through the shoulders.

Here is the #108 jacket from the October Burda.

The difference? The pieced yokes on the Burda are on the bias.

Check the line drawing, right down to the pieced shoulder, hood and back.

The same pattern. Oddly enough, I even have a houndstooth black, white and grey wool. What I don’t have, is the time 🙂

** Photos from and

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I am VERY upset

So, I wasn’t a fan of  Victoria Rowell’s Emmy dress. But, when I found out she MADE  it HERSELF I was apoplectic!!


If that isn’t homesewn, I don’t know what is. My family wouldn’t let me wear a cotton dress to a summer wedding. Yet, this is what she wears to televisions biggest night?

I don’t care if it’s the president I voted for or not. That, is no Emmy attire. If you want to go ethnic (her fabric is Ghanaian), take a cue from Sandra Oh at the SAG awards a couple years ago


This, is ethnic done right.

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Oldie But a Goodie

I had dinner plans last  night with a boy and wasn’t sure what exactly to wear. Mostly because I wasn’t sure if it was a date or not. After consultation with Christina and Leslie I came up with jeans and a top.  I wanted casual but sexy. We weren’t meeting up until 10 p.m. so I wanted a little New York but a lot of me. It’s getting cool at night here, so I wanted sleeves. I needed something easy, so I needed a knit. Enter Burda 5-2002-108.

It's a thin knit so it looks kinda wrinkly, but in person it's nice and casual

It’s not meant to be worn pulled over the hips like I do below. But, when I wore it like I did last night (above) it looks kind of sloppy in the photos

The pattern is made up of four pieces with cut on sleeves. My fabric is from Jomar in Philly and was about $2 a yard.

You get the look of a wrap without using up all that fabric. I love it as it’s kind of geometric but simple.

The color above is closest to real life color. I didn’t hem the waistband or the sleeves. I just don’t believe in it for casual knits 😉 Total project time, under two hours. All construction on the serger with top stitching of the neckline on my sewing machine.

Here’s the back, similar with a less deep V

Slightly lower than I would normally wear for someplace like work. But, it was for a possible date and we were going to have the flush out his intentions early. A girl has got to do what a girl has got to do.

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I’m a Redhead Now

Not *really* a redhead. Just a bottle red from Panama:)  Oddly, I specifically asked for and showed Ann’s color. But, something got lost in translation.

w. my co-worker at a work event last weekend

I’m sewing a little. I made a top yesterday to go out in and LURV it. It’s really basic and simple and very the Row. Will take photos today and review. The sun it out! Also, I have s stash of new makeup to talk about. Yeah, I know. But. for me, buying makeup is more stressful than buying a car 🙂

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immobilized with indecision

I’ve been a bad blogger, because I really don’t have much to show the last few months and certainly nothing this last week. I *really* thought I was going to sew all weekend. But, I was immobilized with indecision. I thought I wanted to start a HP coat that I have, but it’s not quite fall here yet and I didn’t feel like tracing anything off. Then, I thought of some skirts I wanted to make. But, all my transitional fabric is plaid and I didn’t feel like matching. Then, I thought I would do a knit dress. But, my zig-zag machine is with the couple that I’m making curtains for. Then, I settled on some Patrones pants. But, they got a great, big, fat #EPIC FAIL in the muslin process. After that wadder, I took a stab at one of my Kwik Sew bra patterns. It seems destined to be an UFO. Here’s where I’m at (never thought my travel pillow would be so great for this kind of photo):


You may not be able to tell, but this image represents me spending most of today looking for the lingerie elastic I bought at G Street and in NYC last year to start making underwear. I can’t find it. Grrr. Honestly, I’m starting to feel like this wasn’t the weekend for me to get back to the sewing machines.

Tomorrow, I plan to return to a project of success!! Simplicity pants #4237. Those pants were a keeper and I’m thinking I should go back to a good thing!