Hispanic Heritage Month!

I have a really great job. This year I helped plan for a celebration of Hispanic Heritage month. I had an idea to use various hats from Latin America in a display. We were able to collect about 15 different hats from about 10 countries including Colombia, Ecuador, Panama, Costa Rica, Bolivia, Peru and Mexico. They are on display in a gallery in City Hall.

Each station has a flag, photo of someone wearing the hat and a description of materials or what part of the country the hat was from or more information on it’s origins.


It was great exhibit to install and we had terrific feedback. If you’re in Baltimore, it’ll be up through the 15th of October!

You can also view the photos above in a slide show


  1. That’s a great exhibit! How wonderful that you have a job which lets you do different and interesting things.

    Like your bag, BTW, and the dog sitting on it. Sorry you aren’t enamored of it!

  2. Great idea for an exhibit — so creative! I also love your weekender bag — congrats on getting that done!

  3. That’s a really cool idea! Love the display. I might just have to show my class this display. They would love it! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  4. What a clever way to share a culture’s unique accessories–some styles dictated by fashion, and some by function. What fun to collect and display this unique collection!


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