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Dude, I totally got furloughed on Friday (with another seven more days to come). Which combined with Monday’s holiday, gave me a four day weekend! So, blessed that I still have a job in this crappy economy, I spent the weekend up and down I-95 visiting my sewing friends. First stop was an hour south to DC to see Trena after work on Thursday. Saturday morning we drove the three hours up to Philly for Jomar and Karen. Sunday morning Karen and I headed two hours to Carolyn (you’ll recognize me in the first photo because I’m talking. I am always talking) in Jersey.  Carolyn will always be able to get me to visit as she’s just one exit away from the Crate and Barrel outlet. After dropping Karen back off in Philly, I headed another 1.5 hours back home to Baltimore. I *love* the east coast!

So, what do you do in a weekend like that?

Today, I show you the Jomar knits:

All just three dollars a yard. But, more than I ever thought I would leave with. And, one (the yellow and gray)  that both Trena and I couldn’t resist. Goodness. It’s like I don’t believe in solids.

Second, the wovens. This is a combo of gifted fabrics, Crate and Barrel Marmikko prints and local fabric store buys from the last few weeks.

L to R: Malaysia print from Trena, Orange and Blue crossweave shirting from Guss Woolens, orange and white stretch seersucker from Guss Woolens, Japanese owl print from Trena, wool woven from Guss Woolens, Merrimeko bedroom curtain fabric, Merrimekko kitchen curtain fabric.


While in Philly, Karen allowed me to adopt Vivian. Like in most adoptions, I’ll probably rename her. Right now, I’m leaning to Waverly.

She’ll be great for taking photos and a step back from my work. And, it lets me show you the new bra I’m working on:

 Please pay no attention to the mismatched bra cups. I love that all my knit scraps can now go in the bra making bag. This is a true muslin as I’m sizing up one cup based on my last bra experiment.


  1. I am so jealous of your weekend! And the whole, drive for 4 hours and pass through 8 states thing. LOL @ waverly.

  2. Furloughs are a bummer, but at least you have a job, as you said. And if you get fabric and visiting out of it, well, there’s a bright side to the bummer.

  3. I’d love to try bra making, but that’s just another thing to add to the list. I’ve been away for two weeks in the place where the most beautiful silks are found and I didn’t buy a thing! I agree about the solids, I went through my stash yesterday looking for a plain fabric to make a dress from and did not find any in the right weight. I have about 20 different prints, but not one solid. See, that’s how I justify my fabric purchases … I’m off to buy some plain fabrics now …

  4. Okay now I know why you didn’t want any more fabric! You cleaned up this weekend! Love, love, love the knits! And you can stop by anytime you are heading to Crate and Barrel!

  5. Sounds like a great weekend. I like the new fabric including the pattern knits. I’m the opposite on the knit stash — all boring solids and the one pattern got quickly used up this summer. We are just getting a Crate and Barrel near us.

  6. All prints no solids? Join the club – I do the same thing.
    And some solids would come in so handy…
    What beautiful fabric you bought and how fun that you got to do it with sewing friends 🙂

  7. LOL @ your adoption comment. I do foster care adoptions for a living, and whether or not to change the name is the $64K question. About half my clients do.

  8. Dress that girl, no matter what her name is! I had her in that black top for so long I forgot what a gap she had in her midriff. Don’t ask how many pins I bent on those pink dials.

    You probably noticed in my stash there are very few solids as well.

  9. Your new fabrics are all so delicious. I especially like the red floral. I wish that I had the patience for bra making. (a) I have a lot of knit fabric scraps and (b) I have two daughters who spend a fortune on bras.

  10. Where did you get your bra pattern? I have mismatched boobs and have a dickens of a time finding one that fits. I’ve been thinking about making my own bras for a while and yours are very pretty.

  11. Oh, watch out! Bras are -very- persnickity about the degree of firmness and/or stretch of the fabrics involved. If you have any breasts at all, which it looks like you do.. So think of these knit scraps as panties instead :-). Those are much more forgiving. And think of the Channel factor of your undies matching your blouse..

  12. I’m so jealous that you east coasters get to cruise up and down the interstate so easily! Here, it takes at least 5 hours to get out of the state. Looks like you had a good time and had some good acquisitions. A Crate and Barrel outlet? Be still my heart!

  13. Hey there. You made good use of your furlough time. I work for county government in northern VA and our furlough day this year happened to fall the weekend of my like you, I made the best of it. Isn’t it great to see fellow bloggers and sewing friends in person?! There’s nothing like it. I hope you’ve seen the last of furloughing-although we probably have not. We are blessed to even be working in this economy. 🙂 You take care.

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