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I want to make them jealous

Alright kids. Next Friday we’re having a bake sale at work. I got no less than three emails about it. There’s this prevailing theory at the office that I’m some kind of Martha Stewart because I make my own clothes and understand this crazy website called Etsy. But, the truth is, I am not much of a baker. And, based on what I’ve read online, neither is Martha. But, quite frankly, I will continue to front this image as long as I can.

So, I need your help. I want to bake something that will will visually leave them in awe. Please, point me to something that will be so pretty, and so cute that people will talk about me from now until Christmas.

Yes, it’s petty and shallow — but I don’t care.

I was thinking this:

Gingerbread Snowflakes -- Martha Stewart.

Yes. I succomed and bought the 7 inch cookie cutter before it sold out in 2005. It has since been a paper weight, a Christmas ornament and lost and then found. This has a lot of visual appeal, but, will it make them jealous?

My other thought was some kind of incredible cupcake. People love cupcakes right?

Hi Top Cupcake from Martha Stewart


I don’t even like chocholate and I want to make this.

But, that’s the extent of my ideas. If you’ve got a sure-bet, super cute, make their jaws drop and their wallets open up baked good recipe, please, let me know.

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