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What does a grown woman wear to ballet class?

Thank you for all the suggestions for my office bake sale!  My co-worker and I are still going through the recipes to figure out what we can make — and make well for Friday. I will definitely keep you posted! But, pretty celophane, ribbon and tags have all been ordered.

Are you ready to be a part of my online therapy session? LOL.  Growing up, I very begrudgingly took 12 years of piano lessons when all I really wanted to do was dance, sew, take pictures and do theater. I can now play Sweet Hour of Prayer from memory. And if VERY hard pressed can play for song service at church if there aren’t more than two flats or sharps. That’s about it. I showed little-to-no promise in that arena and my parents finally let me quit my freshman year of high school.


But, I’ve always wanted to dance. I’ll devour every bad movie about dance. It started with Dirty Dancing as a kid and continued with Centerstage, Step it Up (1 and 2), The Way She Move— you tell me there’s dancing and I’ll see it. I almost put my back out last year showing off  the Single Ladies dance.

So, last Saturday I started an adult ballet class. Partly because I stopped working out this year and it shows. But, mostly because I wanna DANCE (insert jazz hands)!  It’s my second week and I lurv it! I feel like I’m finally doing something I’ve always wanted to do for myself.

My  biggest dilema going in was what in the world was I going to wear? The London Ballet-trained instructor insisted on a leotard and strongly suggested pink tights. After consulting with Leslie (she of the amazing ballet legs), she reminded me that nothing shows cellulite more than pink tights and I promptly bought the black ones! I also had to cover my rear end which cannot be constrained by a leotard. I didn’t have time to whip up a skirt. But, H&M’s tiered tutu to the rescue. And so to answer the question of what does a 30 something wear to ballet class… Voila:

Yes. I’m clearly rocking the drunkface. But, I was on the phone when my friend snapped it for me. Then, the room filled with lithe 15-year-olds and I wasn’t going to take my photo again in front of them and their gazelle-like legs and skinny thighs.

When I signed up for the class, the instructor asked me what my goals were. Others in the class said ‘to go on point’ or ‘to perform in a recital’. I told her blunty, ‘I want dancer’s legs.’ He reply, ‘That’s going to be up to you’. So, I’m registered through December with the next session starting in January.  I’ve now got the Jalie pattern for leotard and skirt in my cart on I’ll probably do one with sleeves next time as I feel a little swimsuity in this. But, trust. There’s always going to be a fun tutu on the bottom. I swear half the fun of this class is coming up with the outfits!

Ahhh, and I haven’t been keeping up with my nail polish photos. The weather’s crappy and I like to take pictures outside. But, I’ll throw this one out. It’s China Glaze Cords with China Glaze Techno layered on top. Both can be found at

And so you understand the glittery goodness, here it is blurred:

Ok. Toodles for now. I’m meeting a friend for drinks this afternoon and need to clean, clean clean because Marji from Fiber Arts Afloat flies in tomorrow! Tres cool, right?  She’s visiting for a few days. The list of things I have for us her to work on is boundless. Sloper, pants fit, new measurement, SWAP. The mind truly reels.