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She’s Here! She’s Here!

Yesterday, I picked up my express package from St. Louis, one Marji of Fiber Arts Afloat! When I pulled up the BWI Airport, I honestly exclaimed, “You’re so pretty and tall!” Truthfully, I’m 5 ft 5.5 inches. My hair gives me an extra 2. She’s staying with me until heading to NYC on Wednesday.

This is tonight after dinner. I’m totally fascinated that we have about the same figure. Which means she has most of my fit issues figured out (evil grin). What’s funny, is Marji and I became friends through blogging and the internet two years ago. I honestly didn’t know that we would ever meet IRL (In Real Life).

While I had to go to work half the day, Marji spent her time in my sewing studio (*after* organizing it. I’m not kidding. I walked down there and stared for a minute trying to figure out why I could see the basement floor. ) we still managed to take measurements to work on my pants sloper.  After I got home this evening, I took her to A Fabric Place, also home to Michael’s Fabrics.

I’m going to sew up the pant muslin tomorrow and draft my Bunka bodice sloper. It’s impossible to have a Marji and *not* get help with fitting. Seriously, can you imagine? I’m going to have to make something delicious for dinner to say thanks!

So, when you next hear from me, some detailed steps and photos of the pant fitting process! It was like a full class! You can read Marji’s post here.