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I Hope You’ll Forgive Me…

First,  I hope you’ll forgive me for not having more photos of pants and Marji’s visit.  Marji and I made three muslins and I have to sew up the fourth one still. It was an amazing few days with her and she’s really encapsulated my thoughts on the internet and sewing on her blog. My hair is straight over there. I got a haircut while Marji was here and the stylist gave me a blow out and used a hot comb. It lasted a day with the fog. It just grew and grew and grew. By midafternoon I was wearing a hat.  It’s now back to normal ;)Second, I hope you’ll forgive me because I’m a little hard headed at times. I’m usually a good advice taker, but I really got it stuck in my head to make the ginger cookies (ducks). Are we still cool? I am overwhelmed by the suggestions for different baked goods and deeply appreciative.  But, I just got an idea in my head and couldn’t let it go.My camera is MIA, so a camera phone shot it as. 

Anna, my co-worker has never baked a cookie in her life. We started at 8:30 p.m. and wrapped up aroune 1:00 a.m.   These suckers sold like hotcakes. I don’t know that they were *jealous*, but squeals of joy were heard.  And, I won’t lie to you. The first couple of batches did *not* look like this. You were NOT kidding. This ish is HARD.

I hope you guys have a great weekend planned. Tonight, I’m seeing Precious with my roommate. We wanted to see Twilight, but all the 15 year olds bought the tickets already 😉 Tomorrow some ballet and on Sunday, if you can believe it, I’m going to the gun range with a friend. I always said I’d shoot a gun when they came in pink. He found one.