Living the Dream on Etsy

There’s an interesting article in the New York Times about crafty peeps who are making a living online at Etsy.  The debate being, can you do it? And, what happens when you turn something you love into your job.

This seemed like a nice segue to mention the new makeup I’ve been using. If you’ve noticed (thanks Debbie) I switched recently. I started buying my mineral makeup from Etsy of all places. First, let me say that I don’t know anything about allergic reactions and irritants, etc. All I know is that it doesn’t have lead and my skin looks amazing since I switched.

For foundation, I’m using ‘Cocoa Girl’ by Mixology Makeup. I love, love, love the excellent color match I got and the Go Commando primer / finishing powder doesn’t make me look ashy and leaves me with a great glow and not a lick of oil (she has a couple of different finishing veils so you may want to convo her based on your skin color). By way of background, I was a MAC girl for 15 years and switched to Bare Escentuals in early 2009. The Etsy makeup I started wearing a month ago. And, I don’t go anywhere without foundation on.

You can get a three-color sample pack to try it out first. Mine was the Mocha Girl. Found my perfect match and not too sparkly. It’s not much cheaper than Bare Esecentuals, but the color match is excellent and I feel good supporting an independent business. Plus, she really worked with me on picking the right veil. Good customer service!

For eyeshadows I’ve been buying from Orglamix. The colors are bold and really stand out against my skin without looking theatrical. The shadows are siginificantly less expensive than Bare Escentuals. What I really liked about Orglamix is that they put the colors together for you in color collections.

While I like Orglamix A LOT, I will start buying shadow from Mixology. I love, love, love Mixology for having a full range of foundations that include me. Orglamix was going to be a special order to get my shade and I wasn’t up for that. I think companies that serve me with the least effort will get my money first.

So, that’s my endorsement for makeup 🙂



  1. Isn’t it amazing what a fun change in makeup can do for you? I get a new palette of colors about every year or so and it perks me up for weeks afterwards. Loving the new look and all of the cute clothes you’ve been sewing up!

  2. I switched to mineral makeup about a year or so ago. I don’t wear makeup that often, but when I do I want it to be the best. I use Youngblood in both pressed and loose and it works well for my skin. A friend of mine can’t use Youngblood (she bought it at the same time as me) but found that ID Minerals works for her perfectly. I think it’s a matter of trying the different brands and seeing how they work with your skin. I don’t know either of the brands you mention, but I will certainly give them a try when I’m ready for more. I’ve just ordered a Youngblood primer, so I’ll see what difference that makes. I’m at that age, though, where my skin just looks OLD.

  3. In the past year, the New York Times also has published pieces on former bankers who are now working as dog walkers and yoga teachers. I trust nothing I read in the New York Times in this vein.

  4. It’s wonderful that you’ve found just the right color. It’s harder than you think to find makeup white enough for me, Casper’s sister. Probably everyone feels the same. I’ll have to follow your links!

  5. This is probably a very stupid thing to say…..but I didn’t realise darker skin needed foundation. It looks so beautiful as it is. My pale see through skin needs it so people can’t see my insides…lol. I haven’t tried mineral makeup nor have I bought anything off Etsy. Just haven’t lived have I?

  6. I wish you would have blogged about this two weeks ago. Let me first say I have a bathroom space full of make up. I do not wear it but about every ten years I feel the need to try it again. I went two weeks ago to the bare minerals store to try the make up thing again. There were two possible people who I would let work on me . Let me say I am a black women so I have it stuck in my mind incorrectly to let someone black work on my face. Well when the black women turned around I said to myself heck no she had on to much make up. There was a little white guy I gave him a try the bottom line the make up looked great in the store when I tried it the next day at home in the bathroom it looked a hot mess. There was 127.82 thrown away. My question is how do you go about picking someone who can match the make up ? Do you look for someone who is close to your age and similar to your skin tone. I told him the only reason I wanted to get the make up was to hid the dark spots under my eyes not necessary to lighten my skin tone on my face. Any help would be appreciated. P.S Most of my friends don’t wear make up and I grew up in a house with only men this is why at my age I am still ignorant to the make up thing.

    • I’ve kind of been on my own. I’ve never found anyone who matched it well for me. And, I’ve read conflicting reports on what to try (in terms of a shade lighter vs a shade darker).

      What I do like about what I’m using now is that the same foundation, with a small brush, works well for covering up dark spots too.

      I had to give up on MAC because the women looked like clowns. Just to artsy for me 😉

  7. Thanks for the info! Like you, I really like to do busines with small independent vendors, especially when they have a superior product! I do believe I will check this out.

  8. Thanks for the makeup review. When I wear makeup (generally too lazy to do it), I reach for my Bare Escentuals, so it is good to hear that there is another option out there that is just as good. I used to use a custom blended Prescriptives foundation, which was a nearly perfect match for my skin, but the hassle of putting on liquid foundation was too much for me. I’ve been meaning to read that NYT article — thanks for the link!

  9. Thanks for the info! I am African American and too did Mac then Bare Escentuals. I loved Mac’s color match but I have oily skin and they didn’t have my color in the oil-free stay put makeup, so by midday the stuff would be everywhere. Bare Escentuals was pretty but my color was somewhere between the two shades they give you with a little veil mixed in there, so basically it was always a crap shoot whether or not I would look like a chocolate brown bronzed statue. I’ve given up on them too.
    I will have to give Mixology a try on your recommendation!

    BTW That NYT article was so interesting! I so love the seller Yokoo, and I really appreciate the artistry and dedication she puts into her shop and work! I’m amazed she hasn’t developed carpal tunnel filling all the orders herself!

  10. I recently switched to Bare Essentials and I love that it covers my rosacea and stays in place for hours without resorting to layers of coverup, but I need 2 colors to match my skin and that’s more money than my former Laura Mercier foundation. I’ll have to take a look at your Etsy site, you certainly look gorgeous in your new makeup.
    Out here on Long Island we’re supposed to get even more than you guys, but it’s been late starting. Glad I’m not trying to go anywhere!

  11. thanks for the makeup tips. i have considered the mineral lately. i just have not been up to experimentation and sales persons…btw…that snow is horrid. Im afraid we will get it next round.

  12. Thanks for the info! I’ve been using the BE foundation for a couple of years, but the color always had me looking a little ashy. I will definately check out the Etsy seller.

  13. Try Aromaleigh for mineral make-up, too. The owner was a single mom at the time she started the company and it is still a small family business. The make-up is wonderful and she has over 40 shades in two formulations for foundation alone. You can also custom blend your foundation color by buying several shades. There are literally hundreds of eye shadows, too. Best of all, everything is available in little sample sizes so that you can try it out for cheap (free shipping on samples!) before committing to a bigger purchase.

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