Extended Warranties are a Joke

“After all, computers crash, people die, relationships fall apart. The best we can do is breathe and reboot.” — Carrie Bradshaw

 That is my four-year old iMac giving me the middle finger. My extended warranty expired in 2009. It’s currently at the repair shop waiting for a diagnosis and estimate. God love Trena. She sat on the phone with me for an hour last night searching for different ways to try to re-boot / start it up. I should have gone into computer science. It’s $125 just for them to tell me what’s wrong with it. Luckily, they think it’s a software — not a hardware issue. 

So, that nonsense about MACs not crashing… apparently only when it’s under warranty.

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  1. Oh, ick about your Mac! We are on Macs here at work, and when something goes wrong we have to call our corporate Help desk now conveniently located in India.

    Love seeing what you’re working on. Interesting Connie Long sewing tip for sleeves.

  2. My PC is seven years old and has never crashed. I have no idea what other people are doing with their computers but mine is fine, though incredibly slow! All the MACs I know crash all the time. I think it’s a myth.

    • I can say it’s as fast as the day I bought it. But, my other two PCs never crashed. I think Bill Gates must be laughing.

  3. Oh, you have my full undying sympathy. Pray for full disc recovery of the contents on your hard drive. Hear that computer gods?

  4. I remember that show. One hopes that you were smarter than Carrie and backed everything up! Computer problems make me crazy.

  5. You have my sympathies…I’ve been there where my PC has crashed and its just not pretty! Hopefully they will be able to rescucitate your baby! And thanks for the Carrie clip…I didn’t realize you liked SATC that much!

  6. My 5-year-old iMac has never been under warranty, and it crashed once when the hard drive crashed. Aside from that it has been a workhorse, if getting a bit slow with age. My little iBook, which is 4, has never been under warranty and has never crashed, but the fine folks at the Apple store tell me that Apple may stop supporting these older (Power PC) machines. My Windows PC’s never lasted 4-5 years — they might as well have been disposable — so I really appreciate my Macs and will replace them with Macs when the time comes.

    • The only thing that really troubles me with is crashing is that it will of course be far more expensive to repair than it would be to buy a cheapie / disposable PC.

  7. I went into CS…but always feel helpless when something like this happens and people expect me to have answers. In reality, I don’t necessarily love computers. But I still love CS!

  8. My new (as in last week new)PC has an intermitent network connection problem..and our main software that we use crashes everytime it flickers. And all you can do is reboot and hope that it will let you in again. So far we have changed cables. Hopefully that will be enough. See how it goes today. Hope yours is an easy fix.

  9. As my father says “crashing is part of computer ownership.” My MacBook’s hard drive kicked the bucket a couple weeks ago. Not under warranty, but Apple paid for the replacement hard drive because mine was part of a group they were having problems with. Wasn’t fun to go through, but can’t complain about it being free.

  10. I think the new Macs are not as sturdy as the old Macs, but the new PCs are much better than the old ones.

    My iMac is almost 10 years old and still going strong. (But I don’t use it anymore because it doesn’t have enough power or memory or whatever for modern software.) It was an excellent value during the years that our work PCs were crashing every few days and being replaced every year or two.

    My new MacBook is less than 3 years old and I’ve already had to replace the hard drive (I did it myself and it only cost me about $80.) In the meantime my work PC has never crashed. So the Mac not as good a value as it used to be, but now I’m hooked on them and can’t imagine trying to deal with a PC at home. (I recently tried to help a friend with her new Vista OS and it just about drove me crazy.)

  11. I hate this….the last time this happened, I was fortunate enough to see it coming and got a new hard drive, and just shifted everything over to the new hard drive….but that was a temp fix….I can feel things are hinting for a new computer. I’ve had to breakdown and backup off site…like a boyfriend – an amazing amount of comfort!

  12. Hope you’re backed up?! I do that religiously now, since a laptop literally started smoking, then died. I really like Carbonite NAYY.

  13. I hope your computer gets fixed soon — and that the repairs won’t cost an arm and a leg. Sometimes it can be less expensive to buy a new system these days.

  14. I am sorry to hear about your computer. That just really stinks. Computers can be so frustrating.
    I have only bought one extended warranty in my life – on my previous laptop. I am so glad I did because right before that warrantly expired, I kept taking it back for problems. They finally junked it and gave me a credit toward a new one. It is the one time the warranty actually paid off. I just got a new camera – I am debating adding the warranty on that.

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