Good News and Gift from Abroad

My computer is getting fixed!! And, it’s only going to cost me the $125 diagnostic fee I’ve already paid. Yay!! Since I can’t upload camera photos, I can’t show you yet goodies from Marji, Brigitte and Deepika. I’m also wearing the Patrones dress today and it’s getting rave reviews. But, again I can’t post photos from my camera yet 😦

I’ve also booked my tickets to Tampa, Florida for almost two weeks next month! My parents are ‘wintering’ there. I’m making a date with Hot Patterns’ Trudy. Cool, right? It’ll take all my strength not to come back with a Tina Turner accent after hanging out with her. Now, I just have to figure out what from their collection to make for the meet up…..

One nifty gift I can show you is the Russian language La Mia Boutique that colleague Anna brought back from Odessa, Ukraine for me (scanned at work).

I am willing to bet good money that this cover is a re-shoot for the Russian market. It’s just so very eastern European to me. From the PR Boards, member Lyl told me that a Russian company is publishing half of the LMBs each year. They are actually leading thier readers vote on which editions get translated and published.

I have this #22 skirt cut out and ready to be muslined. It’s not much to look at here. But, the line drawing is very cool.

Here’s a link to the line drawing and directions

Of course, I’m struggling with the construction of the skirt. LOL. When the directions are in Italian, between my feeble Spanish, the internet and an Italian associate I can muddle through. But, the Cyrillic characters but Italian on the pattern sheets, I don’t even bother with the directions. Honsetly, I had trouble just finding the right pattern sheet! Just kept opening them up and looking for the right page 😉

Those side pleats are a little confusing since the line drawing is not reflective of all the markings on the pattern. But, the PR boards are proving to be useful.


  1. Me too, heading to Florida next month along with the rest of the Eastern seaboard. We’re doing Fort Lauderdale, Miami and the Keys. Lucky you spending almost two weeks there!

  2. Wow, thank you for posting the line drawings for the skirt. How cute! It looks to me like there are no pleats on the side of the skirt. There are pleats at the center front, and then the extra material creates the side draping. I just checked out a pattern making book from the library, and was planning on drafting a similar skirt. I really hope you do make this, as I’m sure you’ll do a beautiful job. Good luck!

  3. Hey I’m headed to Florida too! Ft Lauderdale for a wedding cruise for my niece. Too bad Tampa is the other side! You will be close to where my parents winter in Lakeland.

  4. Wow, I took Russian in HS. Too bad it was so long ago (and many brain cells have died since then). 😉 Why can’t we get LMB (in any language) in the USA? Anyone? Beueller?

  5. I too, could go to Florida, but it would also involve relatives. I guess it all depends on your relatives 😉

  6. Linda, I was thinking the same thing! I had to do a double-take!

    That is an awesome skirt. I can’t wait to see it on you. I like LMB much more than Patrones. But then, what does it matter, they are both so hard to get. 😦

  7. I live north of Orlando (Deltona). I’ll be waving to you over on the West coast!

    Have fun!


  8. Oh! Oh! *waves* I live in the town next to Sarasota, which is where the HP folks are. Can I meet you too??

  9. I may be able to help with some of the Russian if you need it. It’s been a few years but I did study Russian for 6 years. Enjoy the new patterns!! 🙂

  10. It’s a cute skirt, but I don’t see the link to the technical drawing. Glad your computer is getting fixed. A lot cheaper than a new computer!

  11. If you need some help with Russian instructions, I can offer you a bit of help. I say – A BIT – because I understand every 10th word in Russian. But I think I could manage to at least tell you which color the pattern lines are, and what type of fabric is recommended.

  12. Actually only some of the issues of “chic” (the magazine s’name) are translated from LMB.
    And the pictures are the same as in LMB, the patternsheets are not even translated from italian.
    February 2010 issue will be a translation of “LOOK” pattern magazine, which is apparently from South America.
    I will update the thread on PatternReview with pictures of January 2010 issue later today.

  13. I didn’t realize your family was in Florida. Hans and I moved here last August and we live aboard out boat near St.Petersburg. I know Debbie Cook lives very close by and shame on me I haven’t gotten ahold of her (she’s kinda like a celebrity to me and I know she’s very busy with a new job). Anyway, I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you how stinking hot it is here and therefore no need to pack jeans (or plan on wearing makeup)!

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