Sewing for my HP date

Well, since my mom is coming with me — ‘date’ might be a strong word. But, I’ve been trying to decide what to wear to meet Trudy and Jeremy from Hot Patterns in two weeks.

I’ve made two of their patterns three times, but sadly — only the Kimono dress remains.  The blue Cosmopolitan got foundation on it that never came out. The two-tone Cosmopolitan was not a fabric match made in heaven and stretched out.  The Kimono dress is just too heavy I think for Tampa.

I have two pants patterns from them. But, I don’t know that I have time to muslin and sew before I leave. Besides, pants are the fastest way to show that I photograph thinner than I actually am. Did I tell you that according to the chart in my doctor’s office, I’m overweight? Seriously. By 15 pounds according to it.


  I of course have my dress patterns from them but think they are too dressy for a casual lunch. I would like to say that I kind of miss the names of the old HP sizes. Slinky Girl (6-14), Curvy Girl (18-26) and Glamour Girl (12-20). Fun, right?

So, right now, I’m leaning to this top unless I make some purchases. Why this top? Because I am a sucker for stripes and can pretend the model was drawn with me in mind 🙂

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  1. “Why this top? Because I am a sucker for stripes and can pretend the model was drawn with me in mind”
    As it must have been Renee! Have fun!

  2. I actually like the dresses. I think the right fabric could make them more casual…

  3. I vote for the Deco Vibe Cosmo dress. I think you can dress it up or down (which is why it’s in my stash). Good luck!

    • I’ve decided those charts are BS. From now on I’m going with the waist to hip ratio.

  4. Living here and having had my own HP date, I vote for the top you picked and jeans. We’re a very casual people here in West Central Florida. Very casual. But no matter what you wear, they won’t care and you’ll forget the minute you get there because no one will shut up long enough to notice. LOL! Have a great time!

  5. Gosh, this sounds like such a fun trip. 1) Fun in the Sun. 3) Sewing with an Expert 3) Lots of laughter, food and good company (not in that particular order, necessarily)

  6. Those charts are seriously wrong — I wouldn’t pay attention to them! While I love those sailor pants and the top you are leaning toward making, I think those dresses are fabulous and would be great for a lunch date!

  7. I like the jeans patterns HP 1036. I have made three pairs of jeans from this pattern. It actually is my favorite go to jeans pattern. For a quick and easy hook-up with this jean style, I made a couple of cotton stretch t-shirts for a more casual look for day, and then I made a lace t-shirt/with camisole that I wear with heels for a more casual dressy look for dinner. Have fun!

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