It’s Gonna Be the Cosmo

I think Debbie is right. That the Weekender top is the most appropriate for the occasion and the locale. But, I’m going to make the Cosmopolitan dress because I don’t have enough of the right weight fabric in the stash for the Weekender top and I’m not buying fabric this year. But, that’s the whole point of the fabric diet, right? To use up what I’ve got.

So, I’m using this chain link from my June 2009  trip to Metro Textiles in NYC. Except, I have no ball point / jersey needles in the house! And, we got six inches of snow last night that I don’t feel like contending with.

I meant to show this some weeks ago. I’m not a red wine drinker, but a friend brought this over for dinner because thye thought I would appreciate it the name/bottle/label.

How cute is the jean pocket on the back of the bottle??


  1. Good choice with the Cosmo dress! You could always do it with short sleeves or sleeveless and with that print, it’ll be a very summery garment.

  2. Good choice. I made 3 dresses last year after a serious lack of dresses in my wardrobe. They are fun to wear, easy to wear, and cool in hot weather, and if you add tights well, they work just fine up north until the weather gets hot again.

  3. I like that print. Do you have a super sharp microtex needle? They work well on knits, too.
    It’s going to look GREAT as a Cosmo dress.

  4. Love that fabric! I love the wine bottle and the label. I’m a bit suspicious, though, when a label just says Red Wine.

  5. I JUST opened my bottle of blue jeans wine last week, but I’m not a huge wine drinker but i used it to braise some beef. It was delicious! And that bottle is too cute. I didn’t want to open it because of that.

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