Well Then

That’s Nigel directly in front. I think, lol, I think the snow is almost as tall as him!

Yeah. Whatever. 20 inches. Pfffttt. The only thing that troubles me are that I’m supposed to have my ย gutters from the last snow storm fixed on Monday. And now, the gutters on my patio and garage are creaking under the weight. Machts Nichts. What are you gonna do, right?

Backyard. See my 32 gallon trash cans??

Now, what really bothers me, is that I’m not going to Fla. this week. There was a massive reorganization at my job and I really need to be there during this transition. I don’t mind losing my money on non-refundable ticket. But, I do mind missing out on my HP date and seeing my parents. But, I gave that an hour of moping and put my big girl panties back on.

That’s my grill, garage and patio furniture.



  1. OMG! Soooooo, I guess I won’t complain about the rain we’re having here in California. Stay warm!

    • I don’t know! The last time we got this much snow I couldn’t get off my street for four days.

  2. You know, except for places like Watertown, Oswego and Buffalo, Upstate NY doesn’t get this sort of snow anymore. However, the big difference is that we still ACT like we get it, so we have massive snow plows and the crews to run them. You guys are going to be digging out for days.

    • And, we just aren’t. Baltimore city does not plow neighborhood streets. Only if you hire a private contractor. Days, is correct.

  3. Yep, looks like my house. It’s so pretty right now and then in a few days we’ll be cursing the gray slushy stuff. I feel you about the “transition” period. We’ve had to update so much stuff at my office. Hope all is well there for you. Enjoy the sew, no excuse but to sew!

  4. Oh it looks beautiful. I’m envious ๐Ÿ˜‰ of all that whiteness. As for Florida – jump in the car and drive…? Oh wait. Your streets are impassable you poor folk. Well, how about once they get cleared? Too late? When there’s a will…Bus? Train? Captain Picard’s transporter? There’s gotta be a way.

    Two years ago we had 4.45 meters (175 inches) of this gorgeous white stuff in one season. But that was a tad unusual.

  5. OMG. We got so lucky and all we have is a dusting up here on Long Island.
    Sorry you won’t be going to Florida though.

  6. That is a lot of snow! I have to say, since I don’t have to deal with the actual snow, the scenes look beautiful. I’m sorry about your trip to Florida — the sacrifices we make for work. I hope you can reschedule your trip soon. Stay warm — looks like the perfect day for a hot bowl of soup and some sewing!

  7. That looks like my yard. I’m in Severna Park. My daughter went to Frostburg this weekend. Guess we won’t see her for a few days! I really enjoy your blog.


  8. Wow that’s really cool. We don’t get that effect on the stuff on our patio (composter, rain barrel, I’m a gardener) in Chicago! Stay safe with all that snow though.

  9. I am also snowed in with at least 2 plus feet of snow. I’m also in Maryland, in Prince George’s county. In fact, we can’t get out of the doors yet, but we’re taking it easy. I think today might be a good day for me to get some sewing done! We’ve got several more hours of snow to get through.

  10. It does look so pretty like that, but digging out won’t be fun. We had a couple of inches last week and it had been rained away by the next day!

    Sorry about your trip, maybe they’ll issue another invite some day down the line. I’m sure they are just as disappointed not to meet you! ๐Ÿ˜‰



  11. Okay I’m just far enough south in Jersey that we are still getting the snow that’s finally left you. I think we are up to about 10″ and predicted for it to snow well into the afternoon. It’s funny because of some invisible dividing line – people just 30 minutes from me got a dusting or nuthin at all! I’m about done with snow now…and ready for vacation!

    • It’s STILL coming down. I can’t believe it. We gave it two hours of shoveling and have stopped. Craziness.

  12. Pretty! I love the first hour or 2 after it snows – unless the wind is blowing hard or the temperature has dropped like a rock. It’s so pretty, clean, and quiet. Then reality sets in, and sand/salt/snowplows/snowblowers/cussing start! At least you have a couple of days to try to dig out, pace yourself.

    Sorry you’ll miss your visit to Florida/parents/HP date because of work, I think I’d have to give it more than an hour of moping, and I’d also add a bit of whining.

    As far as the gutters, unless you can reach them with a broom while standing on the ground, I’d leave them. You can do more damage to yourself and the gutters if you try standing on a ladder and banging around trying to clean them off. Besides, I wouldn’t be surprised if the gutter people call to re-schedule.

    So – what are you sewing while you’re snowed in?? Or cooking – that Thai Chicken soup looked delicious!

  13. And that would be why I don’t live in Minnesota anymore! I don’t think there are big girl panties big enough for me to get over not going to Florida, especially when outside looks like that.

  14. Wow! Looks like a good day to sew something fabulous and make one of your awesome soups!

  15. Sorry about your canceled trip, it would’ve been a great escape from the snow.

    In Philly, my block looks like yours. I won’t see my car until next weekend and there is more snow on the horizon!

  16. Wow – we are buried too – can you see me waving to you from Mt Vernon?
    We haven’t seen Mr. Snowplow yet, so it could be a while until we get down off our hill. There is at least 2 and a half feet on my back porch. It’s up to the windowsills! Last time this happened(1993?) I could not get into work for a week.

  17. Hey neighboring buddy! I posted my pics yesterday. It’s JC from wannasew.blogspot.com, but my newer blog is showing up as I started a health blog on wordpress in December.

    I’m gonna post more later today as it has gotten worse. Oh well…. I’ve had two sewing classes at G Street cancelled because of last Sunday’s snow and today’s ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. I have never seen that much snow. If by some freakish weather occurrence we ever got that much, I can’t tell you how long our city would be down.

  19. That last picture is funny. But why isn’t Nigel safe in the garage? Or is it because you’d never ever get him out of there?

  20. Okay, I’m with Kelly and won’t complain about our rain. At least we can still get out and about. Hope the job reorg goes well and the transition is smooth.

  21. Impressive! That’s what it looks like at our place, too, about 2 1/2 hours from you. So beautiful, just like snow in places where people have “real” winter! I love it, but even I hate to see poor Nigel anonymized under all that sparkly stuff. And it’s awful that Baltimore won’t be clearing the streets — just clearing a path through your yard isn’t going to be any fun.

  22. My yard looks like yours! Just outside of Philly, luckily I have kids that I can press into labor : )
    I know we got at least 24″, and thank goodness it stopped a short while ago. Do you get the roving bands of kids with snowshovels? There were some years I took advantage! My plan had been to go to fabric row in Philly today to get fabric for my daughter’s WWII re-enactment dresses…o well…

  23. Oh man! You’re getting our weather this year. And that totally stinks that you can’t go to FL. Good luck with the transition. If you want to get away from the snow, come up to Boston! ๐Ÿ™‚

  24. Just the slightest of snow dusting here. What is it with you guys down there getting all the snow?! Bummer about your trip.

  25. Real sorry you can’t make it to Floriday. The bonus of snow storms is being able to stay inside and snow. Hope you’re able to do that.

  26. Sorry you’re not going to Florida but I’m impressed with your attitude about it. It would have taken me a lot longer than an hour to get over it. I must need a pair of those panties!

  27. I know how you feel im in waldorf. My husband had cleaned the walk way, and around the car. We looked outside and it looked like he never went out there. Im just happy someone has a plow to clean the our street. Its beautiful but it 20 to almost 30 something inch of snow. I guess you will be stuck in the house just like I am.

  28. Dang, girl! And we groused about the 5″ we got this morning. We griped about the slick roads, but at least we could get out. The roads are all clear now and we can go anywhere. Have fun shoveling all that stuff!

  29. We got between 12-15″ in Philly, but with the wind it really drifted – half my sidewalk was clear, the other half was up to my waist. And we’re getting more on Tuesday and Wednesday. Bleh.

    I feel your work transition. We’re reorganizing the office and somehow it’s supposed to be more efficient now that we’ll be working for mostly unfamiliar people? I get that the workload will be more balanced, but no one accounts for the time it takes to transition into new situations. Hope everything goes smoothly for you. And it sucks that you’re missing out on your HP date and time with the family.

  30. I promise I will no longer complain about how cold the winter is this year.
    Even with you pictures, I can’t imagine how you can get so much snow ๐Ÿ™‚
    Hope you have enough food, and fabrics.
    Sorry for the missed travel.

  31. Oh my goodness, how did you get outside to take the photo’s? Brrrrrrrrrr! I promise to stop complaining about the heat. No matter how hot it gets, it doesn’t stop me getting out the front door.

  32. Wow and Wow! Being south of you, we didn’t get the mass quantities of snow like you did: first snow, then sleet then I never thought it would stop raining. What was your final total? It’s amazingly beautiful, but don’t see how that work transition is going to happen. How will anyone get to work?

    You can reschedule your trip to Florida? I’m sure you can reschedule your HP visit.

  33. We’re in the middle of wet season and I’ve been flooded in for two days. At least it’s warm. I have plenty of food, considerable alcohol and enough sewing to keep me occupied for a month. My advice is to get down to your sewing room and make something fabulous.

  34. Sorry about the change of plans.

    Looks like you got some of the snow NYC was supposed to get. I was waiting all weekend.

    Last picture was funny.

    I don’t remember how I found your blog. It’s been a fews months of reading it. It’s good and funny.

    Happy sewing.

  35. yeah… sooo.. hmmm.
    And we are supposed to get MORE snow tomorrow. My sister’s house is very similar to yours and her very tall blue spruce tree fell down. Evidently the roots were loosened by a wet autumn, and the weight of the snow was too much for it. So, it’s just bizarre!

  36. Sorry you had to change your plans for Florida – that stinks after you were so excited about meeting Trudy and Jeremy and seeing your folks. We also have a lot of snow with more on the way today. My boys are loving it!

  37. OMG!!! I’m sweltering in 38 degrees C heat today and can’t even try and imagine what it’s like there. I’ve never seen so much snow! We don’t get any here, I think it snowed twice here in my lifetime.
    Very interesting about the type of food that goes first. Sorry to hear your trip was cancelled.

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