In Pursuit of the Chin Strap

I’ve drafted the skirt, contour midriff, back wind guard and a bad sleeve (too puffy and big). I still need to draft a new sleeve and I should be ready to muslin.  But, I’m heading to Trena’s today in DC and going to a Maryland basketball game tonight. So, I won’t be back at it until the weekend.

I am though, trying to figure out a Burberry style ‘chin strap’. Ann Rowley was kind enough to take copius photos for me last year. You can see them on her Flickr. And, you can read the whole Stitcher’s Guild discussion here. Is that the coolest detail? The Burda pattern I’m using has one, but it’s not nearly the same thing!

As for trying on the Kensington jacket, my local Anthropologie doesn’t have it yet. Hmmm, maybe the one in Georgetown (DC) does?

In the meantime, check this dress from Victoria’s Secret for $98.

Familiar? It should be. Burda 5-2008-121 is a great jumping off point if you’re interested.


  1. I like the look of this dress and I love the colours. I was looking at a pair of grey patent leather shoes recently which would go with this dress. It’s a very you dress, I hope you’re going to make it. I have some nice red jersey that would work, but I also like the idea of a print with a solid contrast. Now you’ve got me thinking …

  2. Is THAT what that strap is for! My daughter inherited my mother-in-laws custom vintage Burberry coat and she and I did not know what that strap was for (we’re California girls, we don’t know bout coats!) Love that dress 🙂

  3. Finslly, a Burda Magazine pattern I own! The pattern is 7697. I would have never thought of those colors together. The look so nice. I need to find some cool jersey.

  4. OMG THE KENSINGTON! My colleagues and I all adore that coat but alas our Anthropologie doesn’t have it yet either! I’m in the process of drafting a shirt dress using the double button flap detail and box pleat wind guard.
    Hey, I noticed it had a 3 part sleeve, with the gathered cap seamed to the top of the sleeve. I’m sure that’s how they avoided all the fullness but still got the look of the sleeve cap.

  5. leaving a msg here since I can’t find your email address right now…. Wanted to get you opinion on a Singer vintage sewing machine. AL series, made in NJ in 1954. Working condition with sewing table. Do you think $350 is too much? I do, but just wanted to get your opinion too.

    Thanks! Elizabeth

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