Fabric Fast Stumbling Block

And its name is Zincks Outlet…..

So, I made it out to Austintown, Ohio by way of Pittsburgh. Do you see how nutty I am? I forgot what airport I was flying into. I thought I was going through Cleveland. Doh!

Even on a mini-break, I still can find fiber! On Sunday, the BFF, three kids, her fiance and I headed out to Amish country in Berlin, OH. I wasn’t paying much attention but I remember following some signs for Akron, Ohio — I think. There, I did indulge in two pieces of fabric (not the ones pictured below). There was lots to choose from. Some good in a lot of ‘meh’. There were wools from B. Black and Son’s of Los Angeles for $3 to $5 a yard. But, also all the fleece that Joann’s can’t sell seems to have landed here. Loads of stretch laces for 50 cents a yard and plenty of non stretch denim for $3. Most of the shirtings were poly blend. But, I think the great selection were remnants of upholstery — if you’re in to bag making. They were selling four yard pieces for $1.99 a yard.

I figured I was on vacation so the 2010 fabric fast doesn’t count. My mom says a true addict makes excuses to suit the circumstances. Perhaps. But, doesn’t everyone take more than one run at rehab before it sticks?

I also bought a lot of wine from Ohio(six bottles, all rieslings), two huge blocks of cheese and inexplicably– peanut butter and chocolate whoopie pies. The wine is getting shipped to me via UPS. I find this no liquids in your carryons thing to be a serious cramp in my wine drinking.

And, I saw my first covered bridge!! I am so renting Bridges of Madison County this weekend!

Finally, the highlight was going to the circus. Tallk about something I would never do on my own. But, the BFF has a 4, 8 and 14 year old.

Great mini-break, but I’m glad to be home. I think no more trips before PR Philly 🙂


  1. Glad you limited yourself to 6 bottles of wine…and only 2 pieces of fabric. Glad you had a good time too!

  2. I wish I had known you would be in Berlin Ohio. I am one hour from there and would have loved to meet you IRL!

    I like searching Zink’s for fabric! Have found some real goodies there!

    Blessings! Linda

  3. Wow! You had some great seats at the circus! My kids were not impressed when we went last year but I think that’s because we were so dang far away. You’ve got to go fabric shopping on trips. It’s a must in my book. Good job only getting two cuts!

  4. When you travel, you buy souvenirs. Who says the souvenirs can’t be pieces of fabric. They remind you of the trip and can also be made into something useful, unlike a snow globe or plate. At least that is the justification I use. Sounds like you had a lot of fun!

  5. I’m glad to hear from you. I think about you every day when I drive past the lawn chair stuck in the middle of the creek. Normally I would go down there and move it, but I kinda like it now. Rehab only works if you want to get better and when there are so many of us out here telling you that you DON’T have a fabric addiction, what hope is there? I’ve stopped trying to pretend I won’t buy fabric. I know I will. I feel a lot better when I let myself off the hook.

  6. Ditto on that rehab re-do. It can take many tries before you truly are “recovering” (upholstery? yuk yuk). You also have to completely break down all defenses and be ready to accept the change. I don’t think you’re there yet, so why worry? 😉

  7. I wish I weren’t 350 plus miles from Zinks! Upholstery fabric is good for throw pillows, too. And at least fabric addiction does not impair you, nor cost that much money…

  8. Nothing inexplicable once you have tasted peanut butter and chocolate whoopie pies. They are a favorite in Lancaster County, PA (also Amish country).
    Enjoy all your fabulous finds–no guilt allowed.

  9. Well, I was in NY last week, and bought about 15 yards (after buying about 30? in India) so I hope that makes you feel better. And if not, you’ve the wine to console you. 🙂

  10. Sorry you didn’t make it to Cleveland. Good thing you found some fabric. I don’t think “souvenirs” count as stash. It’s an entirely different category.
    Time to find a map to that place and plan a shopping day with my mom!

  11. I sat in stunned, jawdropped silence when I saw that fabric warehouse photo. In Ohio! I live in Ohio. How have I missed this place?!

    I did travel twice to Berlin and the Ohio Amish country during my courting days but I must have been to preoccupied with my sweetie to notice fabric stores. (Quite a compliment to the fellow I think. I went ahead and married him:)

    Now nine years and one child later I think it is time for a mommy day trip. Thank you for telling me about this. It should make a perfect summer drive.

  12. *Gasping at pictures* !

    Fabric! Huge warehouses of fabric!

    Snow! Covered bridges!

    I love it when blogs put pictures.

  13. Hmmm. B Black fabric for $3 to $5 per yard? How much do we spend on air fare vs. how much saved on fabric?

  14. lovely fabric shop. so jealous of my US friends who have such an array to choose from!

    but you guys still have elephants in your circuses? Woah. time to move on folks, and let the animals be free!

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