NYTimes: Feel Ragged? Renew at This Cafe

Apparently, I read more about sewing these days than actually sewing.
Feel Ragged? Renew at This Cafe
Published: March 17, 2010
SWEAT SHOP, a tiny new cafe near a trendy stretch of Paris, had barely opened its doors last week when it faced its first fashion emergency. A young woman brought in a teddy bear that had been worn to pieces.



  1. Although, I think Paris is a better market for this than DC. Paris apartments are TINY and unless you were really sure you wanted to sew you’d think twice before dedicating a cubic foot of space to a sewing machine, even if it stayed in the box in the top of a closet most of the time.

  2. Actually, there was a place like this in San Francisco for young ones, Stitch Lounge, for years (it’s closed now). And that was in turn inspired by the Sewing Workshop. So the idea isn’t new, but it’s great.

    I do find it interesting that the Paris place emphasizes the old-fashioned aspect of sewing, a suicidal marketing approach imho, while Stitch Lounge was all about being cool and trendy..

  3. That’s it! I’m setting off for Paris on my vacation with a suitcase of fabric, pattern and notions. No clothes, not even underwear! Just fabric! Instead of shopping at chic but expensive boutiques, I’ll just rent a sewing machine at the Sweat Shop. I’ll return to the U.S.A. with completely finished dresses, tops, skirts. I can honestly then say: “These are Parisian made.”

  4. There are a couple of places like this in the South Bay (Santa Monica Bay, not SF Bay). Land is so pricey here, many people don’t have the space to sew.

  5. I wish we did have something like that here, I live in the burbs and I can’t get a sewing class or anything…

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