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Hey Chicas,

First, thank you immensely for all the good thoughts on how to manage my time better and next steps with sewing and boyfriend management.

Second, we were off today for Good Friday!! And…. I’m totally sewing! Well, right now I’ve traced and cut, and I plan to sew all day tomorrow and Sunday.

I had two great deliveries today. First leathah….

I took advantage of FabricMart’s awesome 35 percent off sale and scored this gorgeous piece of black pigskin. JustGail said,

“Vegan, huh? My question is – will this affect your fabric purchases?? Is this the end of silk and wool for you? And what about the stash?”

I didn’t even think of that! Well, I didn’t ask and I’m not gonna! I will happily eat and cook seitan, tofu and tempeh without batting an eye. But, I’m not even going to get into fabric. Because, he would lose.  I did ask Leslie if this counted as a fabric purchase and she said its lack of grain means it is NOT fabric and I have not stumbled again on the 2010 Fabric Fast. I’m desperate for a bag and think it’s time I graduated to leather.

My second delivery was totally unexpected:

From the Vegan. Because he’s awesome. And I fear I may become one of those annoying women who talks all. the. time. about how great her BF is. Ugh. Well, at least I don’t have the smartest kids in the world to talk to you about 😉

So, what am I sewing??

I’m going to a nice dinner in two weeks and have nothing to wear 🙂 I blessedly have Friday off and no plans this Easter Weekend. I like this #107 from the May 2010 Burda Magazine.

I’m going to make it up in this orange and white striped denim / twill. Sigh. It’s been so long since I sewed, I forgot to make a swayback adjustment for the first time in like two years.

I’m sure it’ll all be fine. And, if not, I have enough extra for a back skirt piece!


  1. I just got back from buying fabric to make this exact dress.. made up the muslin last night, no alterations needed(love Burda!).

    • Oh good! I’m worried about if it will cover enough in the boobage area

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      • I unfortunately don’t have much in the boobage department, so not an issue here- but the bodice does seem to fit slightly more closely than usual.

  2. Gorgeous bouquet, and fabulous leather. Looking forward to news of the new dress, too (among other things).

  3. OOOOH, I can’t wait to see your dress. I think that color will look so good on you!!!

    Congrats on the new boyfriend. Maybe we can convince to come back to the dark carnivore side. 😉

    • Oh, I still eat the meat! I just have learned to like other stuff too 🙂

  4. It’s good to see you sewing again. That dress will look great on you. I was intrigued to see the your cutting layout and how much fabric you allow around each pattern piece. I was taught to only allow a bare minimum around each pattern piece and to butt the straight edges of pieces together where possible, all in the name of conserving fabric. This means I can sometimes get a garment from a ridiculously small yardage but the down side is I also end up with heaps of largish ends of fabric (50cm or so) which are too big to throw away but too small to do anything with.

    • Well, I agree. But, I am making this with one inch seam allowances since I didn’t make a muslin and I’m not sure about the fit since it’s strapless

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  5. The flowers are gorgeous! I love your “non-fabric” selection. I know it will become something fabulous. And…I love your wall colors. Gorgeous. Best wishes on your fabric diet. I, on the other hand, am on a yarn diet, so in the meantime I plan to use up my Easter coupon at Joann’s. LOL

    Enjoy your weekend. 😀

  6. Loooove the dress! I can’t wait to see it on you. And I don’t mind if you talk about how awesome your BF is – those awesome guys don’t come around every day, you know. Having an awesome BF myself, I full know the wonder and magic of it all. 😉

    • It is *amazing*! Even my mom told me today I have never talked about how kind and thoughtful someone is until now.

  7. Well, I talk about how awesome my cat is all the time, it is significantly less weird to talk about a boyfriend that way. Especially one who sends you flowers. 🙂

  8. Nice flowers!

    The leather is a great purchase, and I agree with Leslie, it doesn’t break any fabric fast rules 🙂

  9. What a great idea to make a formal-ish dress in casual fabric! I can’t wait to see it and the bag. And, I like happy people- go ahead and chat about your boyfriend all you want!

  10. Leather’s not a fabric, it’s a skin. So that doesn’t count at all. You’re going to love sewing with leather! And the dress is going to be fab.

  11. Oh yeah! This dress will look incredible on you. I want to see it with shoes, too! Talk about the awesomeness of BF all you like. There aren’t too many awesome ones out there.

  12. This guy rocks – so happy for you. As for the leather – I won’t buy it because I am a vegetarian (not vegan), but I do buy wool and silk, so I guess that makes me a hypocrite. But I guarantee you that there are plenty of vegans running around in leather shoes and belts who are slightly misinformed.

    • I TOTALLY feel a little odd about the pigskin considering I don’t eat pork for religious reasons. But, I think wool is ok? Right? I mean. The animals still live? This Vegan is luckily the leather wearing non-preachy kind.

      • No, eating is totally different from sewing with or wearing if the reason for not eating is religious. You’re good (in my opinion).

        And I personally am so absolutely HAPPY for you that you could post about the boyfriend for a loooong time before I got bored with it. You deserve someone great! Yay!

  13. Well now that you have purchased pigskin, I can forgive you the vegan route! And how about when we see each other in May AND June, we bore each other to death- you with MrVegan and me with MissHailey!

  14. I finally tried the sway back adjustment for the first time and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it really works. And there’s nothing wrong with saying a BF or SO is wonderful (if indeed they really are!); it’s nice to hear about good relationships! I myself mention Hans a lot but if blogs had been around when I was dating a couple of other men from my past, I wouldn’t have even posted about them because I was pretty sure they weren’t the real deal! And they weren’t. I hope you continue to enjoy yourself.

  15. Now I am confused when you traced your burda pattern pieces you did not include the seam allowances you are going to add the 1 inch seam allowance when you cut the pattern out that is why there is so much space between each pattern piece Is this how you add the seam allowance Thanks

    • Exactly. I add the seam allowance when I cut out the pattern. I find it easier to make pattern alterations this way.

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