Sneak Peak at the Creamsicle Dress

Dude. I sewed like the wind yesterday. It felt so good at one point I was doing a little jig at the ironing board! I finished my creamsicle party dress from the May 2010 Burda Magazine. And you know what, after some fit tweaks, I am 100 percent in love with it! I just don’t have enough ‘fun’ clothes or ‘party’ dresses.

Carol asked to make sure I show them with my shoes. Well *cough*, I don’t have shoes for this dress yet. Yeah. I have a serious shoe deficit. I hate shopping for shoes because all the shoes I like are about $238. So, I tend to settle. A lot. I’ll take photos in the dress and give a proper review when I get the right accessories. Yeah. I need a purse too. I am a hot mess!


  1. LOL. This is my favorite dress in many an issue. Unfortunately I don’t have the upper arms for it. But it’s perfect for you. I can’t wait to see it on you.

  2. You need to spend a little quality time on your computer searching for shoes…it’s soooo much easier! Ummm I think that’s how I ended up with 8 new pairs of spring/summer shoes! *LOL*

    The dress is adorable and looks like you!

  3. I agree with Carolyn, there are some great shoe bargains online. This dress is going to be stunning on you. I’m sure you have some lovely piece of jewellery to go with it. I’m seeing a large, oversized clutch, too. I’ve got a thing for patent leather at the moment and it could work with this dress. You know what, why don’t I just get on a plane and come help you shop?

  4. I have a serious shoe deficit too. What makes it so bad is that I’m an accessories blogger. Sigh…why am I not independently wealthy?

  5. Love the dress! I like pricey shoes too so I can relate. But, like Carolyn, I buy online and save a mint! Of course, this works best if you have a few favorite brands that you know fit you well. I scored a gorgeous pair of $395 Delman sandals for under $75!

    • I ordered three pairs of shoes last night. Hopefully, one will work. I really am not a big shoe shopper. What I want to know is where Anthropologie clothes go to die. I bet they burn them, don’t they??

  6. I am soooo jealous! I tried to make the bodice twice for this dress, but need more adjustments to fit my large chest. I haven’t been doing FBAs long enough to know how to work it out in this multi-piece bodice. I’m loving yours!

  7. You NEED shoes! I have recently bought 5 pairs of shoes and I just might buy another pair for my birthday coming up. Oh, and the dress is cute, but will be so much better with shoes…..

  8. That looks great! I love the color and the lines of the dress. I really hope a pair of the shoes that you bought work out because I want to see it on YOU!

  9. I would be jigging too if I made a dress like that in a day – it looks super cute.

  10. Your dress looks very nice. I would wear it with shoes (pumps) with straps and give my toenails a french manicure. Am looking forward to see ur pictures wearing it. 😉

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