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I must be really used to Burda’s cryptic instructions because all the directions and diagrams in the Big 4 patterns confuse me! LOL. I actually found myself marking off each section as I went because there just seemed to be so much copy!

I worked like the dickens on my Butterick 6410 dress today. Naturally, I made a huge goof and sewed the back bodice in upside down. Which I only discovered after lining and getting ready to pin in the skirt. Doh!  After taking the entire bodice apart (thank goodness I didn’t serge!!) and re-sewing, I’m done for the day. Bleh. Here it is so far. And, am not loving it. The fabric is super drapey. I think I wish it had more structure similar to the muslin. Especially in the bodice. It’s just very… drapey.  Also, it seems kind of… dull. I have great shoes and some earrings that willl hopefully lift it. But, so far, am underwhelmed. I am happy to say though, that I just have to insert the zipper, hem and I’m all done.

And, lest we forget about another UFO of mine BWOF 2-2010-127. I need to get a zipper for it on Monday. But, it looks like it’ll be cool for another week, so maybe I’ll still get to wear it before summer.


  1. Well, you’re obviously at THAT point of the project – the disillusionment point. As a fresh pair of eyes, I think that the fabric is gorgeous (love that blue), you’re going to look amazing, and drapey is great as long as you have a nice pair of Spanx.

  2. It will look much better on you than the dress form. But I know that feeling, I had it yesterday when making a one hour top…that was taking one day!

  3. Chelle’s right, you’re just at the point where you can’t see it clearly anymore – but you don’t have the time to let it hang until you warm up to it again. It’s a great color combination, and I think it will be fabulous on you.

  4. Ooooh, there’s a sewing term of disillusionment???? I didn’t know it had a name! 😉 I think when you fill that dress, you will change your mind.

  5. Yeah, you must have lost your perspective on this, because I think it’s going to be really, really nice. Great color combo and I love the simple elegance. Classy. Definitely.

  6. I agree with the others, I got to that stage recently with a dress. I think this will actually look amazing on you, I love the colours and I am envious of your curves!!!

  7. Yep, I agree with the others. The dress just needs you wearing it and it will be even lovelier. Looking at your muslin, however, I can sort of see it knee length in something like seersucker as a more casual summer dress. I do like the way it look in a crisper fabric.

  8. I am super interested in your other UFO as I picked this pattern to trace off from my new Burda magazine..yes it has JUST arrived in the land of OZ!

  9. I agree with the others – this is going to be lovely when it’s done. I find lately that I fall out of love with everything I make. When it’s on you, with shoes and accessories, it’s going to be stunning. I just saw your muslin post and I was interested to read that you find you like empire dresses. I made a dress yesterday and had that exact same thought.

  10. I love the color combination of your dress. I’m sure once you’ve styled and accessorized it will be fabulous.

  11. I agree with the others. Your colour combination is inspired and it is bound to look a lot better on you than the dress form. Better to have a dress that looks great on your body than a dress that looks great on the hanger! I am also glad to know that I am not the only one who seems to fall out of love with a project 3/4 of the way through, lol.

  12. I always think evening wear is supposed to be ‘drapey’ – think about 1920s and 1930s styles. I’m hoping to learn to sew and I dread the learning curve (I want to just wake up tomorrow and be there, silly me). If you, an experienced sewing person, get these nasty surprises, how is one to avoid them? Is that just part of sewing? Must take that on board else I can see me giving up quickly.

  13. I’m withholding a real opinion until we see it on you-it looks like one of those things that probably looks better on the person it’s made for than on the hanger or dress form. I wonder if maybe the transition between the two colors is just a bit abrupt? Perhaps a bit of trim there to really emphasize your enviable figure? I agree, it just seems a bit blah, as is, though I adore the colors. BUT, again, I’m not seeing it accessorized and actually on you. One of those “super-bras” will definitely help with the drapey fabric issue, as well.

  14. I love the colors of the dress! It looks so bold and extravagant… I’m sure with the right accessory it will fabulous.

  15. I think will look much better on you than on the dress form – especially with the right accessories! Maybe you just need to step back and give it some time to grow.

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