Shoulder Pads!

Arggghh!! I had an entire post written and it disappeared. Grrrr. Short version: I added shoulder pads to Butterick 6410 and all is now right in the world. You were correct. I was just tired and hit a wall with this dress after having to re-sew the bodice.

Even better, I decided to go with a necklace I already own so I just need earrings and a cocktail ring.

My original post was far more entertaining than this. Sigh. Shoes are below. $21.95 on clearance from I’ll post photos of me in the actual dress after I wear it on May 8th. Until then, I’ll make May the month I sew for other people. Mother’s and Father’s Day are coming up and I owe a girlfriend a duvet cover. Of course, I’m not *committing* to this. It’s just a nice thought before May actually begins.


  1. The shoulder pads definitely make a difference. I look forward to seeing this dress come to life on you! The shoes are perfect, and I love the heel.

  2. I love this dress! I’m so glad that the shoulder p[ads fixed it for you. The shoes are amazing. I love!

  3. I like the way this dress has turned out and I know it will look stunning on you. I like the shoes very much (and I intend to see if 6pm ships to Australia, unlike Zappos), but I can’t say they are what I would have paired with this dress. I see satin strappy things.

  4. I definitely think the shoulder pads improved the look-the era that dress is from was all about the strong shoulder. You can imagine Rita Hayworth in that gown. I think the shoes work well with the feel of the gown, though in a perfect world you’d find some vintage platforms in just the right shade of brown hammered satin!

  5. It looks wonderful! I’m a sucker for that color combination anyway, but I think this style (and elegant long length) are going to be smashing on you.

  6. I have such a love hate relationship with shoulder pads. But I do have a new found conviction that if the pattern calls for shoulder pads, the outfit will suffer without them.

  7. Yeah, that’s right, Hollywood! I think you’ll look fabulous in this and I can’t wait to see a picture of you “done up” in it.

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