The May Burda

Is AWESOME. Seriously. Karen said it, and it’s true. May 2010 is fabulous. There are like five different vests (you know I love a vest) and several trench inspired (you know i love a trench) garments. I even like the shorts and several of the dresses. Happiness is May 2010!

This. This must be made this summer in a striped seersucker.

Why don’t I find the crafty India section nearly as ugly as the crafty Africa stuff of April 2010? LOL. Yeah, I think if I was Indian I would still find it ugly and maybe the Africa crap wouldn’t be that bad. Funny how we work, isn’t it? I see they are no longer posting their DIY stuff. Probably because they know we would just gank the photos to make fun of it.


  1. I love that top! I found lots of things in this issue that I like but so many things are now starting at size 38 (which is really making me mad).

  2. What is it with you and your love of seersucker? You can tell it’s summer because my girl is thinking seersucker! That is a kewl vest and you should definitely make it up – maybe we can find the perfect seersucker during PR weekend?! And yes, I’m making fun of you! Love you!!!

  3. I’m ready to bet at this point that burda is moving to a ‘four good magazines a year’ schedule since that appears to be what is happening. I’ve got about half a dozen items that I really would ilke to make out of this, which is totally different from the usual when I have to go through the magazines multiple times to find one thing that I even find ok.

  4. Sniff – I’ve been haunting my newspaper/magazine store for weeks waiting for this one to arrive. Fingers crossed for this week! It will bring my total Burda collection to 5, but I have to have this one!

  5. I’ve traced off two patterns for shorts (well, they are the same with different leg lengths – 120 and 121). Seersucker! I have some great green and white seersucker that’s pre-washed and ready to go. I know what I’m using for my Bermudas!

  6. Ooh, and I just won a copy from Carolyn at Diary of a Sewing Fanatic! Now I really can’t wait to get it.

  7. I LOVE this issue, too! It’s funny because the online preview didn’t excite me, but now I can’t stop looking through the pages, dreaming of a summer’s worth of sewing projects (vest 132 WILL be mine!!).

  8. Yep, mine finally was in the mailbox yesterday. I almost forgot to go to the post office before it closed or I’d be waiting til tomorrow! I like quite a number of things in it too. It’s about damn time!
    We do know that our blogs are read by some of the companies so maybe Burda will get the message eventually that their ethnic crafts are really insensitive at times. You weren’t thrilled with the African stuff, and I was appalled at the Jewish stars on childrens clothing a few months ago. Enough already! Think first should be their motto.

    • “I was appalled at the Jewish stars on childrens clothing a few months ago”, yes, I know. You would think, given the history — that they would just avoid that.

  9. Had to laugh at loud at your comment about the DIY in Burda. I’ve always looked at them and laughed, wondering if we can sew why we’d ever think of making that crap. Glad to know they’ve come to their sense!

  10. Assuming that this issue arrives in Australia sometime before next summer, I will probably make this top. In fact, just yesterday I bought a piece of fabric that would work perfectly in this pattern! I agree with what everyone says about Burdas lately. Every Burda pattern I’ve seen in the last few months has been from a year or two ago.

  11. There is some bizarre diy. Like the ribbon copy of what was probably made in metal, bracelet thing. Or the resin necklaces?

  12. Does anyone know where I could buy a copy of this issue? I don’t subscribe because I’m plus size, and their plus sized patterns are usually really ugly. But this issue has a bunch of plus sized dresses I’d love to make!

    • Hi!

      I would try But, hurry. They sell out quick. If not there, try .

      • Thanks for the tips! The websites didn’t have the newest issue, but I found one on ebay. Yay! 🙂

  13. YOU’RE SO CORRECT! This top would be goregous in seersucker and since I’ve never made anything out of this fabric, you are my inspiration lady!!! Please look for mine soon on if you get a chance, I’ll be watching your blog for yours!! Thank you for the great tip!

  14. WHAT? Have we got the same issue of Burda? May SUCKED hard! I got sent it for free (my subscription ran out but it kept on coming) and there’s not a single thing I’m even remotely tempted to sew. Really, for me this is one of the worst issues they’ve ever produced!

    I’m really stunned that you like this one at all. So weird, since we usually have similar tastes…

    • LOL. Definitely a matter of taste 🙂 I love vests and the trench look. This is chock full of them.

  15. I have to agree with you, I got mine yesterday and I LOVE IT!!!! My favourite is the vest you have shown, and I love several of the other items. I agree I wasn’t thrilled with the on-line preview, but I absolutely adore this issue.

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