And, It Finally Arrives

Ladies, thank you *so* much for the compliments and vote of confidence on my formal dress! I spent an unseemly portion of my day looking up other Butterick Retro patterns to see what I could come up with. Truthfully though, I only need a formal once or twice a year. This one will take me through 2o10.

So, as I have mentioned several times, I am TERRIBLE with jewelry and accessories. I ordered this bracelet from Etsy for around $30 to wear with my dress.

It was shipped a week ago today, but I didn’t pay attention to notice that is was from CANADA! It did arrive today. But, by Saturday I was desperate for a good accessory. In a fit of desperation, I let my friend who makes twice as much as me, and six times if you count her husband’s salary, talk me in to this over priced vintage piece from a pretentious boutique. I won’t tell you how much I paid. I’m too embarassed.

I love it too. But, I wish my Etsy bracelet came in time.


  1. Both bracelets are beautiful! Are you interested in selling the vintage bracelet?

  2. Live and learn aye? We’ve all been there at some stage. Look at it as an investment piece and wear it ALL THE TIME (even with sweats) that way the cost per wear will make it seem quite reasonable in a few months. It is very, very pretty and I can totally understand the purchase. I would have been blinded by it too.

    • Oh and looking at it again, the charms remind me of minitature nail polish bottles – you didn’t stand a chance really!

  3. Both bracelets will last you for the rest of your life . . . you’ll have plenty of time to enjoy both of them (and hopefully forget how much one of them cost). You can NEVER have too much nice jewelry (and “nice” has nothing to do with how much it cost).

  4. LOVE the chunky jewelry – but I really wanted to see the nails!! Whatever you’re wearing looks fabulous!! Great jewelry selection.

    • Ah, yes. So, I’m attemping nail art stamping. So far, I’m terrible!

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