Oh, Singer

It will come as no surprise to you that I buy any and all pink sewing accessories. So, while at Joanns this weekend foraging for the list of beading supplies needed for the Philadelphia PatternReview.com weekened I found this:

Cute and useful, no? It’s a tomato with different size machine needle markings. This way, you can stick your sewing machine needles in there based on the number of hours you’ve been using it.

Except…. Well…. Ok. I do not understand the Star of David on top. I mean, I do in that there is a point in every section. But, peeps. It’s a Star of David.

And, I do not understand why the Star of David covers up all the machine needle descriptions. Yes, you can still see the needle sizes though. I’m thinking this is definitely a step up from my ‘change the needle whenever it breaks’ method that I currently employ.


  1. I’ve seen other versions of this idea and I really, really want one! I’m off to scour the internet.

    • They are super cheap here. It was $2.99 at Joann Fabric. Let me know if they don’t come to Australia.

  2. Oh man! Why would it cover up the needle descriptions? I’m with Carol, I want one. I can never remember what needle is for what fabric, other than ball point, the most random effing needle in the world.

    • OMG. Don’t talk to me about ball vs stretch vs sharp. They all look the same to me!

  3. I’ve got a tomato pincushion that I marked up w/a sharpie…but just for needle size, not for wear-n-tear. Like you, I pretty much change the needle when it breaks…or starts creating pulls in the fabric…shame on me…

    • I used to easily be able to read the needle sizes. But, these days, my eyes just aren’t having it.

      • OMG, you mean there’s writing on the needles? I guess my eyesight is not good enough to even make that out. UGH!

  4. I really need one of these. I tend to stick the needle on my sewing table and then I forget about it. Then I can’t remember what size it was or if it was a sharp or ball point, etc. I believe this pink tomato would solve my problem! I would just have to remember to use it!

  5. LOVE the new look of your blog. So easy to read, large pictures and nice layout (and it’s PINK!) Both bracelets are beautiful.

  6. Very useful little notion. I think the Star of David is supposed to the the green leafy part of the red tomato pincushions. True, leaving it off would have made more sense, but this way we know it’s supposed to be a tomato. The pink might have thrown us off. 😉

  7. It could be because of Isaac Singer’s Jewish heritage. But it’s still a PITA that it covers up the markings. I’d just trim it off if you don’t care about the collectibility (collectability?) of the pincushion.

  8. Now THAT is way cool! I never can keep track of all those random needles . . . I must get one of these!

  9. I have two pincushions purchased cheap, cheap from Joanns and divided them up myself with a thin point sharpy. Works well.

  10. I don’t believe we’ve had a close up of those nails! What is your manicure…?
    And if it makes you feel better about the purchase that is one cool bracelet! A gorgeous and powerful piece!!!

  11. I just bought one of these myself because I have the same problem as everyone else. I also employ the breakage or snagging method of needle replacement!

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