Up Next: Burda’s Poet Blouse

Happiness is finding you traced off Burda 01-2008-122 two years ago! Jaeng wore a printed cotton version of this blouse at PR Weekend Philly and I decided that it was getting moved up in the queue.

I cut it out last night.  I’ve been trying to move away from ‘in process’ blog posts. Because,  when I don’t actually get to it or finish it, I’ll be the only one who knows. But, I feel that it’s cut, and there are loads of excellent renditions on PR, that it *should* all work out for me, eh?

I’m also prepping for Memorial Day Weekend at the end of May. I can’t decide if I should have lots of things traced, cut and ready to sew. Or just know what I’m going to make and sew as it comes. I’m leaning to the traced, cut and ready to sew.

Now, some marketing *genius*…. the newest iPad commercial.  In the first ten seconds they show Fabric in a studio / fabric swatches and a girl on a pastel colored Vespa. It’s like they wrote the commercial *just* for me.


  1. I would have missed it. So fast. I don’t need another reason to go there. Ipad!

  2. You know I’ve seen that commercial a hundred times and never noticed the fabric swatches! Thanks for sharing it. So does this mean we will both be doing the same thing Memorial Day weekend ~ SEWING!!! Kewl!

  3. Didn’t Jaeng look adorable in that blouse? I know it’ll be great on you. Looking forward to seeing it! What fabric are you using?

  4. I’ve had my eye on that app since I got my Ipad last week. It’s really cool, I just don’t know if I’d use it. Have you taken the plunge yet?

  5. Love that blouse! I really seeing it on you.

    Personally, i prefer not to trace and cut in advance. In most cases, i didn’t get all of them sewn up and then the fabric is cut and lying around. And after a while i have better ideas for a fabric but it’s already cut.

    • I think you are right. Most of my UFOs are projects I cut out too far in advance. It is nice though to have something traced out. But, I think I’ll hold off on the cutting.

  6. Hi, I’ve worn a blouse from this pattern into a threadbare rag. Just finished another and have a tip: if you have January ’09, go there for the sewing course. Helpful instructions for the polo closure.

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