Puttering Along

I’m making nice headway on the Poet blouse. It’s been super easy up until now. Button and sleeve bands are up next. It’ll likely wait until the four-day weekend kicks in on Friday.

In the meantime, I’ve had a few comments regarding cooking for the Vegan. I’m not a vegan. Nor am I a vegetarian. But, I was raised a Seventh-day Adventist who are often vegetarians. That, and my mom was a community health nurse so she was all about eating less meat. So, I’m quite used to non-meat meals and actually sometimes prefer it.  And, I am secretly hoping some dietary changes will lead to some weight loss. I say all that to say that his being a vegan doesn’t bother me at all. So, what do I cook? Lots of things. Some things so good that my committed meat loving roommate always eats what I may make. Oh, not that I’m like cooking for him all the time. Usually on Sunday I try and make one decent sit down meal for the Vegan and the roommate. I thought I would show something I made this week.

Red Beans and Rice with Red Wine Simmered Seitan

Delish. The brown rice was cooked in coconut milk. The seitan was simmered in red wine with fresh thyme, peppercorns and soy sauce. It had green peppers, shallots, garlic, red pepper flakes, sea weed and more. I am far too lazy to type up the recipe. And, I’m not finding a link for it anywhere. But, it’s in ‘Vegan Soul Kitchen‘. I bought my copy used for less than $10. And, if you are thinking of buying seitan or tofu, go to your local Asian market. I paid half of what Giant charges for tofu and a fraction of what Whole Foods wants for seitan.


  1. The blouse looks very promising.

    And the food looks great. We’re not vegans here either (we all kind of like our meat and fish now and then) but we eat without meat often too. There are tons of wonderful recipes to think of that don’t involve meat or fish. Although I have to admit: I have tasted tofu in the last ten years a couple of times, but I never liked it. But maybe it was the way it was cooked/baked?

    • Yes… you’re right, lol. It took me a few tries to start to really like it. I think the biggest trick it to ‘drain’ it or freeze it before use. It helps with the texture. I also only use firm or extra firm tofu. The soft stuff is better saved for sauces. The most delish thing I’ve made with tofu are ‘crab’ cakes http://www.rhymeswithvegan.com/2009/09/sea-cakes.html. Second to that, chopped rosemary, coating of olive oil and in the oven at 450 for 30 minutes. Oh, here’s a link: http://chowvegan.com/2009/05/09/roasted-tofu-cubes-from-vegan-soul-kitchen/They were crispy on the outside and soft on the inside and seriously good 🙂 Oh, I also coated them like I was making ‘orange chicken’ / Chinese food and deep fried them. Also tasty. But, probably not helpful in the healthy arena! So, overall I like it. Just not plain 🙂

  2. How can you go wrong with beans and rice? I made ratatouille yesterday, I didn’t have squash so I added kale and carrots to the eggplant and it was delish!

    • No, you can’t! I grew up eating read beans and rice as a kid too! I’ll have to try ratatouille. I love, love, love kale.

    • I subscribe to her blog feed, but I haven’t actually made anything from her yet. Now that it’s warming up, I’ve been using the wok on my grill a lot. But, she had a salad with garbanzo beans that looked amazing.

      • hey! I love that blouse. Is my monitor lying or is yours a light pink color? I always have urges to make pink blouses but never do. I found a use for my pink thread anyway…

        Also, I am a long-time vegan (and dedicated foodie) and I love sewing so keep mixing them! Yum. If somebody had cooked that food for me I would have been so excited. It is so nice that you are cooking for a vegan. Most of us do not often expect people to cook for us but we are very thankful when people do. It is so welcoming to not have to eat before we go out. ❤

  3. MMMMM…that looks seriously yummy! I love beans and rice, both together or seperately with anything else. I’m trying to figure out a way to try kale on a small scale, it seems that every dish calling for it makes a huge amount-there are only 3 of us and I’m likely the only one that will be willing to try it in any case.

    I am going to have to get my hands on that poet blouse pattern, that is SO pretty and I suspect, since it’s not hugely blousy, it might even look good on busty ol’ me.

  4. Your blouse is looking good already – can’t beat a classic white blouse! And who doesn’t like beans and rice?

  5. hmm..liking the blouse. Alot actually. And there isn’t anything wrong with us carnivores eating vegetarian once in a while, is there?!

  6. Your blouse is coming along beautifully! And if you can cook for the man, that’s terrific. As long as he lets you indulge in a cheeseburger now and again.

    My daughter is in training to be a nurse, and is constantly imploring me to eat more red meat, because I have a very serious iron deficiency. Funny how those nurses think, isn’t it?

  7. The blouse looks great!

    I can highly recommend the fatfree vegan blog mentioned above. Her summer squash soup was amazing and I also like the ridiculously easy quinoa with chickpeas.

    Thought I’d leave a comment though to tell you about my favourite vegan cookbook: veganomicon.

    So far I’ve made about a dozen things from it and they have all been good, some have been amazing. It includes quick things I make during the week and fancier stuff for weekends. I’ve had a few guests ask for recipes from things I’ve cooked from it.

    And in case you want to make something more sinful… a friend just made this when I was round at her place and sent me the recipe. It was seriously amazing. I was sure she must have snuck in some cream it was just so smooth and creamy!


    • Trena also recommended this one to me! I’ve had it in my Amazon cart for a while now. They also have a brunch book I’d like to try. I’m a huge breakfast fan! Thanks for the reinforcement!

  8. This does look good! I’m a committed meat eater, but like you there are times when I prefer a vegetarian meal. I’ve never really prepared vegan food, but it’s not that hard to come up with great ideas. Indian and Sri Lankan recipes are a good place to start. In fact, as it’s a cool overcast day here today, I think I have a hankering for a nice dhal with a lot of ginger. Thank you for inspiring me!!

  9. Mmmm! Brown rice cooked in coconut milk. It has got my wheels to turning:)

  10. I am so hungry right now. The dish looks so gooooood!!! I love to eat meatless sometimes and often think about becoming a vegetarian. Great post 🙂

  11. Do you have a french curve ruler? I have all of the pattern drafting books, tools, videos, a person could want. I have moved on. I really mean it. I’m buying an airstream (shiny, bubble travel trailer) to use FULL time. I gave away my Bernina machine and serger. My I please send to you all of the drafting things? I’m taking summer classes (I teach special education in middle school) before I leave to travel to Mama’s in Missuri. I could mail the to you Tuesday. Then you can use them AND I could feel good about myself–recycle, reuse and reduce. What do you think?

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