People Are Awesome

This morning I finally pulled myself together to go to the UPS store and ship your awesome care packages to Haiti. I was overcome when I saw how all the fabulous things you sent  filled my trunk (the seats are down). That’s my roomie waving.

The guy at the UPS store and I totally had a moment too. He’s British and I pulled up in my MINI Cooper, Nigel. Sixty-eight pounds worth of fabric, patterns and notions. Seriously, you guys are terrific!

So, from the bottom of my heart, thank you all so very very much for your extreme and limitless generosity to Arielle. People have been pretty foul lately in our community. It’s good to know that the silent majority are the good people.

Another reason I say ‘People Are Awesome’ is because Karen in Ft. Worth sent me the May Burda. This one was very sad for me to lose because I made the cover dress. She attached a note that made me cry a little. So, Karen, THANK YOU. And again I say, ‘People are Awesome’.

One more post on the draft a long and then I’m going into the sewing room!


  1. I want you to know how much I love reading your blog. It’s always so refreshing and puts a smile on my face. Thanks for taking the time out of your busy day to blog. People in our community have been foul lately but it is nice to see the kind spirit is still alive.

  2. I’ve been reading about the foul. Lousy, I say.

    I’m so glad you all were able to gather so much for your friend in Haiti. There is goodness even in the brokenness.

  3. Full-bellied Nigel is a beautiful sight. Great to see the community’s best spirit shining through.

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