(Suggested) Drafting Supplies

So, I’ll be starting another blog for the Draft-A-Long. But, I haven’t come up with a great name yet. Suggestions welcome!!

My basic plan is this. Above is what the Mrs. Stylebook drafting instructions look like. Yeah. Japanese. But, the Bunka textbooks have translated *all* of this.

In addition, they have the directions in English. I think, just the sloper draft in English with my summary / retelling of the directions constitutes as ‘Fair Use’. After all, when we’re done, we’ll be able to use their patterns. So, really, it’s a win-win for everyone. If you’re feeling guilty about this, buy a MSB on Etsy or order the 1st of the Bunka textbooks. Well, I might actually order the 2nd. The first is really more about ‘how to sew’ than anything else.

Below is a list of supplies you’ll need (or will make your life easier) for drafting the sloper or drafting our basic garment from the sloper– at least the Bunka sloper.

1. A C-thru ruler. Kathleen Fasanella recommends the B-95 and I agree with that as it’s metric and imperial measurements. I’d have a photo of mine if I could find it….

2. A ‘D’ curve. I have totally forgotten the ‘American’ name of this drafting ruler. I want to say a #6? I have both. One from Japan and one that my drafting teacher  sold us. This is great for drafting your armscyce. I’m hoping someone will jump in here and tell me the name of this curve. My Japanese one was $11 from Bunka. Below is a photo of them on top of each other so you can see that the curve is about the same.

3. A Protractor. Here is the Bunka version for reference. I think a regular protractor will do just fine. But, to draft the sloper I do have directions that don’t use the protractor. So, not necessary. But, they are like $2.50

4. A L square. I suspect a T- Square will also work. Mine with the numbers was purchased in Panama. But, I found several metal ones at an art supply store in town.

5. A set of curves. I got these in plastic. They work fine 🙂  And, I think this will be just fine.  This is the one Bunka mentions in the textbook.

Oh, and you don’t *really* need to order online. I’ve seen all of these things at art supply stores locally. But, to be fair there’s an art / design school in Baltimore.

And, I just want to reiterate one more time, I’m not a fit expert. The goal here will be to draft this sloper since so many people seem to be interested in the Japanese magazines that come out. It’ll be a good motivator for us to work together to make one!

I’m registered for a Computer Aided Pattern Drafting and Draping I class this fall. So, I’m super motivated right now!

Again, drafting blog name suggestions welcome!



  1. Crafty Drafty …
    anyhooo, good stuff! I have “Professional Patternmaking for Designers of Women’s Wear by Jack Handford which I bought secondhand for ~$30.
    It seems to have a lot of the same concepts, at first glance.
    Thanks for posting sources for supplies.

  2. I’ve followed you blog in silence for quite a while and have enjoyed it greatly. I am so looking forward to a drafting blog. Drafting is something that I have always wanted to do, but never have taken the plunge.

    My cheesy suggestions:
    Rough Draft
    It’s Drafty in Here

  3. i have only just run across your sewing blog, and love your fun blog naming invite so…

    The Draft Craft
    Draft or Bust
    Mainly Drafting
    Draft ‘n Laughed


  4. Hi Cidell, I’m interested in pattern drafting and would enjoy to be part of the draft-a-long. Thanks for taking the initiative and setting this up.

  5. I think that’s a French curve. I only know because that’s whats currently missing from my drafting supplies:).

  6. I don’t have a title for your draft sew along… would just like to let you know that I’m cheering you on from the sidelines.

    Which Bunka sloper are you going to attempt first? I’m assuming the one with a contoured waistline.

    I wish Bunka would come out with a textbook on drafting and sewing techniques for their knits. As for plastic french curves, I have two: one from Professional Sewing Supplies and another from Fashion Patterns by Coni.


    I don’t know where else you can buy the one sold by Coni. Though it’s in centimeters, it has no millimeter increments.


  7. Cidell, the Fairgate ruler is almost a must. I use mine almost exclusively because it is so well designed and really a pleasure to use. It is a bit long and can sometimes get in the way but that shouldn’t be a deterent because it is so versatile.

    Atlanta Threads has the smaller Dietzen curve in aluminium, very nice and there is no need to worry about it breaking or chipping.

  8. C, just noticed that you were asking for the name of the curve…Dietzen. Well I am baffled just now. I went over to Atlanta Thread to provide a link to the curve only to find it is now listed as a plastic curve.

    I know he had aluminium because I purchased it from him. I have emailed him, inquiring.

  9. So…how much does someone have to actually know about drafting to join the draft along?

    • Just my opinion, as someone who tried to learn pattern making before sewing, it’s helpful to at least have some familiarity with basic patterns and pattern manipulation. If you don’t, see if you can get help.

  10. I started working with Ms Stylebook last year, and I love ’em! So much so that when I wanted to interview people about their learning resource choices for grad school, I decided to talk to people who have played with them. If you have a copy of MSB, or Lady Boutique, or Pattern Magic, I’d love to interview you — phone, Skype, whatever! Please email me at julialangel@cox.net if you’d be willing to help
    Thanks, Julia

  11. I hope I am not too late to join this. yes, i love motivators and I need them a lot. Thank you for being one

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