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From the website:

Dear Friends,

Beginning Wednesday, June 2nd, 2010, the English language Burda Fashion community will be redirected to BurdaStyle is a vibrant community filled with fantastic sewing resources, including sewing patterns, techniques and discussion boards, much like what you have enjoyed on Burda Fashion.

In order to fully take advantage of all that BurdaStyle offers, we encourage you to join by filling out our Registration Form. Registration is absolutely free! Unfortunately, your Burda Fashion account information cannot be transferred to BurdaStyle at this time.

We are so excited for you to be a part of our community, and we look forward to seeing your sewing creations, and sharing ours with you as well. For more information regarding this site change, please read our dedicated blog post here.

See You Soon,
The BurdaStyle Team

Ok. Seriously Burda? WTF?? Are the archives going to be there? Will the previews be there? How come the Russian, German sites don’t have to do this?

I have no issue with I like for the previews and archives. I paticularly love it for the Community Foto Gallery. This has the potential to really tick me off.

Then again, all the things I like will still be available. Just not in English. Why isn’t there a Ravelry**  for sewing??? Ergh.

Back to my weekend sewgasm.

** Edited to add that obviously I use and like other sewing sites including Stitcher’s Guild, BurdaStyle and But, Ravelry remains unmatched. I meet sewers who’ve never heard of PR. But, every knitter I know uses Ravelry.

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  1. Hi Celie: Unfortunately, just after I contacted you about the donations for Ariele, I fell off my stepstool and have spent the last 7 weeks doing my pretzel imitation. I saw that you did send out a wonderful amount of materials, but I thought I’d send my own gatherings out if you’ll tell me where they go. I’m sorry I couldn’t follow up sooner, but the heaviest thing I’ve picked up until now is a barbeques chicken. thanks for your understanding and for such an inspiring site.

  2. Hello there. I’ve perused and it’s.. Ok. As far as a Ravelry for sewing? There actually IS something on the same order. It’s called It’s still really young but it’s gaining momentum. Like Ravelry, it’s run by a husband and wife team who love what they do. Go on over and take a look. I haven’t really added much yet because I haven’t really been sewing. But right now it looks like the closest thing to what you are looking for.

    1. is fine. But, it’s not what Burdamode was. I think the vibes are totally different to. Burdastyle is very much the younger, from scratch, refashion, hipster site. Burdamode, IMHO, howed a wider demographic range.

      Burdamode is also geared to the magazine and Burda pattern user. Until the integration is complete, I can’t speak to how it’s all going to work out.

      For me, the access to the archives is the biggest thing. I’m worried because even some of the German site are now also not working with a link to

      1. Totally agree. The (former) was the preferred place for me to go because of the magazine/pattern component. ( maybe it wouldnt be of i wasnt a subscriber, but….) Also the organization seemed a bit more logical, not just because of the mag archives, but also tools/downloads….
        Im hoping that can successfully introduce the “Moden” into the site. OR maybe i should just learn German. 🙂

  3. As for a ralvery for sewers, I would say that patternreview is like that, but lacking a bit the user-friendlyness of ralvery.

    As much as I like the idea of patternreview, I’ve never much cared for the format and have wished that they would upgrade a bit to be more like ralvery. I’ve also only ever had a free membership, but I’ve always felt that member based community sites should be free and supported by advertisements or purchases like ralvery does.

    It would be so nice if pattern review adopted some of the great features of ralvery for free!

    1. Yes, PR is as close as it gets and definitely serves a purpose. What I like about Ravelry is the clean integration between blogging, patterns, and fiber. But, there is an issue of economy when it comes to support. Ravelry has 2,000+ members on at any given time. PR, maybe 200. There are just more people who knit than sew. There just isn’t another resource like PR on the internet for sewing.

    1. I was reading on the pages that they are also trying to integrate the German site. What’s interesting, if you use the Russian site, there is far, far, FAR more interaction on the archive and forum pages than on the English and German pages. Seriously though. I just don’t want to lose the archives or my links on my blog (and on to the archives.

  4. Oh you’re so right, I can’t picture my knitting life without Ravelry. A sewing Ravelry equivalent would blow mah mind! Pattern Review comes pretty close, I just wish their site was as efficient and easy to navigate as Ravelry.

  5. I looked at the website in English and it doesn’t have the information. It seems they’ve taken the English portion down. 🙁 Not sure what this means. They are selling the patterns as individual downloads from the magazines, but don’t have the photos, just line drawings. Not happy here.

  6. Oh yes, this is certainly NOT COOL. The german Site is (already for quite some time), quite a mess, and without the old pattern archives. They have a small preview for the magazines, but it’s not possible to link directly to a pattern, only to the whole magazine spread. And of course all the old links lead to nowhere now. Fortunately the russian, italian and french sites still work as usual, but I’m afraid they will be changed in the future, too.
    I have the impression, that Burda (the european part) just doesn’t get the point with the internet, communities and all that. At least they have abandoned all, what was interesting for sewing bloggers, on their new site.

  7. Okay, so your comment tool doesn’t like my smart alecky comments about my contempt for the demise of Grumble Grumble.

  8. As a knitter, I love Ravelry! You are totally right about the sewing community needing something Ravelry-esque. As a beginning and not-so-hot sewer, I would love to benefit from the expertise of you fab sewers out there!

  9. I am really really puzzled by this. They had a great thing going with the Burdamode site, and I don’t see why on earth they should make it more difficult for non German customers to browse and buy Burda and Burda magazine patterns! I too love Burdastyle, but the way the site is set up right now it’s a poor cousin compared to the richness of the Burdamode site.

  10. I am not a knitter and I LOVE Ravelry. I do crochet some and have tried to knit a bunch of times. I have been inspired and learned a lot on Ravelry.

    Burda, not so much. They actually lost my interest awhile ago because of the strictly youth and super trendy nature of their focus (I remember way back when this was not the case). I would look like and old fool trying to hard to be a hipster wearing most of the current styles. Plus some of the community banter was not helpful at all so I got disillusioned and moved on. That was 2 summers ago.

    As to the website changes, I got an email form them and did check it out and got a horrible splash page that turned me off immediately. Of all the blogs and postings I have read, no one likes that Burda has done.

    As for fashions, they could seriously take a lesson from Lady Boutique. At least LB has a nice range of fashions and even “styles for the elderly” which is a total misnomer as the clothes are just as current and hip as the rest, just a bit more classic and modest. No mutton dressed as a lamb.

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