What I Did Wrong

So, my second project for the long weekend was to work on the #113 Burda dress from January 2008. The biggest problem I had with the dress is it takes an OBSCENE amount of time due to all of the top stitching. Luckily, I’m on two machines, but between the top stitching, sewing and serging / finishing — this dress sucked up a lot of time.

Imagine delight that it fit (considering I didn’t do a muslin and there’s very little room to alter due to the pockets). But, Ugh. Look at the back.

What went wrong? This. My bad marking.

The back of the raglan sleeve is supposed to go to seam #4. Not to the neckline.

I sewed it up to the neckline. Soooo, this concludes my sewing weekend. By the time I unprick the topstitching, serging and regular stitching, I’ll be too tired to do any more. Sewtis interruptus.


  1. Must be the weekend for Burda sewing glitches! I’ll rip your denim topstiching and serging if you’ll rip the stretch stitches, serging and bound seams on my ITY top. ALmost makes me long for the pre-serger days! Mine is headed for the scrap pile but yours is definitely worth saving. Seriously, that is one smart looking dress you have in the works. Absolutely love the red stitching on the denim. Hope the ripping isn’t as bad as you think and the lure of the finished dress helps to motivate you.

  2. Ouch! I made a similar mistake with the pockets on the Marrakesh pants I made yesterday (attaching the rear pocket linings onto the front pieces). Luckily, I caught the mistake before I topstitched both pieces, but yes, I ripped out more stitches yesterday than I have in a long time. Hang in there–I’m certain you will get a beautiful result.

    Rose in SV

  3. Awww… that’s too bad but it’s definitely salvageable. You can do it! The good thing about sewtis interruptus is at least there’s sewtis starteruptus too!

    • Well, I am now also taking out the front bodice seams. Sigh. Bad marking again. This is why I need to make muslin.

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  4. I feel you. I made this dress and it was a legitimate time thief. I love your fabric choice. Hang in there.

  5. I’m sorry!! But it does look like there’s a fix even if it’s a time sucking fix!

    I hope the dress ends up looking fabulous!

  6. Don’t you think pictures in the instructions would have helped? Instead, you have to depend on those silly little numbers to tell you how things go together! I’m sure everything will turn out fine.

  7. Sorry, but It looks like it will end up being a great dress! Love the red topstitching.

  8. I screw up BurdaStyle patterns all the time when it comes to marking things if it makes you feel any better.

    Wow, I am in awe of your sewing/blogging mojo. I think you will have to make a trip to NYC soon just to replenish supplies, right? Hint, hint.

  9. I messed up a dress I’ve made before, because I was tired and not paying enough attention to the fabric (silk chiffon), which was sliding around everywhere. I only had to pick out serging and seam stitching, and I was still infuriated!

  10. Yes, this is what happens sometimes. You certainly will have unpicked by now, good luck with finishing. Looks like the dress will be worth all your efforts.

  11. The dress looks lovely, but I definitely feel your pain. I just finished the muslin for the first dress I’ve ever tried to sew, and it took an immense amount of time and more do-overs than I care to remember. Sometimes it helped to just step away from the machine for a few days to recharge my will to sew. Thank you for the warning about topstitching – I’ll wait to attempt it ’till I have more expertise!

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