Voting in the Formalwear Contest Begins!

There are awesome entires in the formalwear contest. My constructed-in-a-weekend dress is child’s play compared to some of the garments entered. Please check out the great entries.

So, I had offered to go with the Vegan to get a tux. But, he started laughing and said something about women always wanting to be in control. Yes, it’s true. I did not trust him and wanted to be there went he got a tuxedo. So, in the face of truth I sucked my teeth and said I didn’t want to go *anyway*. He text messaged me from the store and told me he got a blue tie and vest to go with my dress. Panic. I realize it’s a nice thought to match. But, really. We stopped matching in the 90s. I didn’t want to look like it was my quinceñera. I started text messaging my friends and all said ‘NO’ to the matchy matchy look. But, I’m trying not to be bossy and it *is* the thought that counts. So what if we looked like we were going to prom.  I said nothing about the ‘Ocean Blue’ vest and tie he told me he got.  Now, in retrospect, not that bad. Who doesn’t look smashing in a tuxedo?


  1. So sweet of him to actually do the matchy matchy thing. I think you both look great, and your dress is beautiful!

  2. You both look amazing! And I think it was really nice that he wanted to match, (most men don’t know that matching is out).

  3. You two look gorgeous! I think it was sweet of him to matchy match.

    What a knockout couple!

    • It makes me feel like I live in a soap opera! LOL. And, makes up for all those years I didn’t have a prom at my high school 🙂

  4. How very thoughtful of him! And in my opinion looking nice is never out, and you two look great!

    • LOL. Yes. A *little* wiggle room. He would have worn a black suit if he had his way!

  5. I already commented that you look fabulous in the dress.. But you both look great. A very nice looking couple. Dawn

  6. You both look fab. Better to match than to clash. He could have picked a nightmare color, sounds like he’s a smart guy.

  7. We have a royal wedding coming up on the 19:th and they match all the time…I guess nobody told them…I think it´s cute!

    • I LOVE royal weddings! Seriously. When I was a kid we video tapped Diana and Charles and Fergie and Andrew. I watched it so much the tape wore out!

  8. He must really like you to want to match! You both look gorgeous and so happy. Hope you had fun at the event!

  9. You both look happy — most important thing — but I do love the matchy-matchy and a man who would care enough to think to do it.

  10. Matchy is out?! Aw, I love coordinated stuff! At my sister’s wedding last year, hubby’s red paisley tie (uh oh, are you going to tell me that paisley is super-outdated, too?) matched the red lace shawl that I wore.

    I think The Vegan is obviously proud to be with you, and the matchy color just helps assert that pride to strangers who might see you together. 🙂

    • You’ve convinced me. Next time I’ll make him a small fabric buttonaire or pocket square with fabric from my dress. Although, I think he’ll be asking for a spot on vest and tie.

  11. It was a very nice thought, and who cares if matching is out? You made a d*mn fine looking couple.

  12. Hi, first-time commenter here! I’ve been looking at your blog and your blog is both funny and really informative! I’m learning a lot just by reading how you make things 🙂 Anyhow, I just wanted to say that you guys look super-cute and happy! Since the blues don’t match exactly, you don’t look matchy-matchy at all; rather, you look very complementary!

    • Hi! Thanks for commenting, You’re right. The colors are off slightly so it’s definitely more complimentary than matchy-matchy 🙂

  13. Normally, I would say “no” to matching, but you two look great! I agree that you look complimentary not prom-ish. ~ksp

  14. Lovely photo – how cute is the vegan! The fact that he considered you when making his clothing choice means he’s a keeper.

  15. Wow, he’s a hottie!!! And you looked fabulously gorgeous, too. The two of you look so comfortable and happy together . . . thanks for posting the photo!

  16. He wants to MATCH! That is awesome!!!! He wants you two to look good together. My husband always tries to match me. It is always his idea to match and we always get compliments. Your guy is great. (and so are you!):D

    • I wish! I only post photos of the cute ones! The duds stay in my digital trash can 🙂

  17. When I saw the tiny photo in the feed I wondered – is this the Vegan!? You both look smashing. Royal blue suits you to a T.

    The nuances of matchy-matchy are lost on men. That’s not important. What is important is that he got the blue tie just for YOU!

    Very considerate and loving and “you are always on his mind”. Such qualities make even matchy-matchy tendencies fade into the background.

  18. Very cute! Haha.. my husband and I occasionally try to coordinate our outfits for special occasions and I never thought of it as being prom-y. It’s a funny thought though… I’ll have to think twice before matching again. I think you two look fabulous!

    • LOL! Luckily, I know so little about men’s clothing I rarely say anything. As long as it’s clean and neat, I’m good 😀

  19. Yum! Oh yeah, the tux is nice too. But the arm candy? Priceless!

    (if you’ll pardon my sayin’…)

    • Since we’re well into the second trimester of our relationship, I figure I’m *generally* safe posting it 🙂

  20. I think the two of you look so terrific together! I’m just totally impressed that he even KNEW your dress had blue in it. I’m afraid my DH could see a dress hanging, ready to wear, and five minutes later not even remember what color it is.

  21. Maybe there’s something to this vegan stuff. He looks very bright eyed and–well–healthy. Cheers!

  22. My husband and I will often accidentally match – like both wearing jeans and the same shade of red shirt, or both in khakis with the same shade of blue shirt. I sometimes wonder if people think we do it on purpose. And if so, do people think that’s cute, or weird?
    Either way, I don’t care enough to change!

  23. You two look like you were made for each other. Cute couple! 🙂

  24. The Vegan is a keeper! You look WELL together. I have to get out of lurking to comment. Beyond the attire (because it is just the paint job on the container), kindness is most important and he has it!

    • Yes. He does. He thinks it’s funny. It definitely defines him.

  25. I think it’s sweet that he wanted to match. But of course, not being as tuned in to color as most seamstress’ are, he thought that the blue tie & vest offered at the tux shop would actually match the particular blue of your dress. Never happens.

    By the way, you sure do attract some gorgeous looking men! Maybe I need to move to Baltimore?

  26. You two look lovely and happy! Will Smith and Jada Pinkett almost always match or complement each other. It can’t be that out of style. I think it was sweet of him.

  27. When I think of the matchy-matchy that was popular years ago, I think of wearing the SAME shirts/hats/jeans/etc, not so much the same colors. Given a choice, I’d rather do the matching colors, than something that clashes.

    Nice looking couple!

  28. With a face like that, and a gorgeous woman on his arm, I doubt anyone even noticed what he was wearing 🙂

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