Well, today, he apologized. Profusely. Probably because I gave him the cold shoulder the last week. And, he offered to financially compensate me for the pitched magazines. I hate to say it, but just being able to explain that the reason I was so furious was because I was totally blown away by his total and complete lack of consideration felt really, really good. Like, totally good.

So, I have to still fix my dress.  I pretty much had to take most of it apart to fix other issues. All of them related to marking. Sigh. But, in the meantime I am dreaming of this: The HP1019 Riviera Dietrich Pants & Vest.

Holy Moly. I *knew* it was cute before. But, in my hands it is fabulous!  This came in last week and I am teeming with excitement! I feel I must be Baltimore’s answer to Carrie Bradshaw. Ok, I won’t put my planned projects aside this weekend. But, seriously, how CUTE is this pattern?

I’ve already gotten a cream rayon from Guss Woolens….

So, I’m kind of a sarcastic Type-A personality. I hope no one was put off by yesterday’s story. It was totally cute of  the Vegan to want to match and I appreciated that he thought about me. I’m just a control freak! And, as far as matching being in or out of style— obviously we all go with what we like 🙂 I still wear jeans with applique roses!


  1. I can understand your initial misgivings about the matching vest – I would certainly have shared them, and can only applaud your self-control in letting him do his thing! You both look smashing together in the picture, though, so all’s well that ends well.

    Thank you, by the way, for the update on your co-worker who threw away your magazines. I was outraged on your behalf, and it’s nice to know that he was willing to replace them.

  2. About time!

    I really hope you’re able to get the denim dress all fixed because it looks like it will be a stunner when it’s finished.

  3. So are you growing your hair a la (getting ready for Montreal here) SJP? Hold it- you’re a control freak? So tell me something I don’t know! Us Tpye A’s gotta stick together.

  4. Ok, good, I am so glad you got closure on that. He was pissing me off too so now I feel better.

    Loved your post on the tux matchy-matchy issue (and the Vegan is cute). It reminded me of something we discussed on the bus in Philly. Do you remember? I won’t remind you here, but if you do know what I am talking about my advice still stands.

  5. ” jeans with applique roses”…..please, please show them to us….

  6. I love reading your blog because you are such an interesting person. Please don’t hold back on your honest posts because you are worried about offending someone. No matter what you say, someone will be offended. That’s their problem.

  7. You love vests, so this outfit is right up your alley. Who cares what anyone thinks. You’d look cute in this outfit.

  8. What a beautiful pattern, love the pants. Looking forward to seeing your version. Glad you solved the issue with your colleague.

    • Well, I feel just a wee (and I mean wee) bit better that he actually apologized. But I am still shocked that anyone would be so inconsiderate!

      I love, love, love that pattern (why isn’t it in my collection?) and I know it will look fabulous on you, Miss Celie-Bradshaw. 🙂

      And, hey, I’m a Type-A as well so I can totally relate to everything you write!

  9. Thanks so much for the update on the co-worker. It actually makes me feel better to know that a person of that type is capable of apologizing and not just thinking that you were being “overly emotional”. Good for him, there’s reason for hope. One thing, you didn’t mention if you took him up on the offer for reimbursement. Did you?

  10. So glad he apologised and offered to compensate, whether you take him up on that or not. Still unbelievable though.

    The matching thing made me laugh. I would totally have freaked out on Mr J in the early days if he said he was going to match anything. I was always freaking out about something he wanted to do, like hold hands in the street. It’s a miracle he’s still here.

    Actually now I think of it, I would still freak about matching…

  11. An apology goes a long way. I’m glad to hear he was big enough to do so, even if it took awhile for him to realize the problem.

  12. I’m glad that your co-worker offered to reimburse you for the magazines. It shows that people can redeem themselves. I hope that you take him up on it.

    Another HotPatterns pattern to add to my list. I’m not certain if I’d make the vest (and it’s the vest that makes the outfit) , but the pants do look very cool.

    Rose in SV

  13. I’m glad the coworker has offered to pay for his rash actions. As far as being a control freak, it’s not a bad thing, as long as people know they are, and when to rein it in. I have had issues with people who are, but totally deny it while steamrollering their way through life. Cute vest and pants, I may have to check out HP closer.

  14. I love that pattern. It’s currently just sitting in my stash. I can’t wait till you make yours. I’m so glad your co-worker came forward and made restitution. Better late than never.

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