Riding Stink

** title does not refer to this ride 🙂

Are all bike tour guides hot?? Because, mine today was smokin’.

Sadly, my photo is not good enough to do him justice. And, happily, he was also a fantastic guide through Montreal.

Unlike Miss 2x a  day at the gym, I don’t work out much lately. I have done a wee bit of riding the last two weekends with the Vegan and bought a bike off of Craigslist just before leaving town. But, I’m limited to flat, three-mile rides. My aunt is also not a biker. Yet, our guide Shea tailored the four-hour trip to our needs and it was marvelous!

There are bikes all over the place. It’s quite inspiring. There are dedicated bike lanes and rental bikes EVERYWHERE.

It’s just an entirely different way of thinking of transportation. I’ve lately been obsessed with the blog ‘Cycle Chic‘. I told the Vegan I was going to start riding my bike to work a few days a week  in my every day clothes, and I’d be  ‘Cycling Chic’. There are no showers at my office either.  He told me it’s too hot in Baltimore and I would in fact be ‘Riding Stink’.

Our first stop was for croissant. I also bought a long baguette to put in the basket of my bike to pretentiously pretend that I was French. Trena refused to take that photo.

Rode a little more and stopped coffees all around.

I do not know why my iced latte came with fruit. I think it was the universe telling me it’s not a ‘real’ coffee.

The ride continues through different neighborhoods which is a super fun way to orient yourself to the city. Shea was very knowledgeable and gave bits of history along the way.

Our late lunch was at the Atwater Market. I have a thing for outdoor markets. In a grocery desert like Baltimore, it’s farmer’s markets that most people get their food from. Corner stores are evil.

Local strawberries, more fruits, veggies, cheeses, fresh baked breads and more delicacies than I could count. And, the flower market was breathtaking. You could smell the flowers upon approach.

We finished with a ride along the canal. I’d like to take credit for the artistic shot, but it was suggested by our tour guide.

After five hours (I was slow) we finished! Fantastic Day Two in Montreal. Debating dinner. I promised myself poutine every night. But, I’d like to go home without a clogged artery.

And, as for what I’m wearing… Aunt Judy said I must really like this Burda dress from 1/2008 #118. I *do*. But, I have worn it at every single PR weekend and every single trip the last two years. I just don’t sew much casual clothing. I spend the most time at work or at work events. So, I sew for work. When I sew casual it feels like I’m wasting time. Plus, this dress travels well.

But, I did wear this Burda 2-2007-116 vest with jeans on the first day and to travel in. But, everything else you’ll see me in this week has been posted ad nauseam. I guess I have a standard travel wardrobe 🙂


  1. You can commute to work no problem, well maybe it is a bit hotter in Baltimore, but it does get really sticky here in Montreal as well.

    You spent the day biking along my old work commute. I would bike along the Lachine Canal from near the Atwater market to downtown. The trick is changing at the office once you get there and a little wash cloth can always help freshen up again.

    That is the thing that I miss the most since moving out to the suburbs (west island)

  2. I do so want to go to Montreal! Not sure why you are beating up on yourself. You look great to me. Loved seeing your clothes in action shots.

  3. Looks like a total blast! I LOVE the” baguette in the basket” hilarious! – enjoy your trip!!!!

    • I am so jealous – a trip to montreal!! I used to go there when I was younger – but since I’m older now the only thing I really remember was that i enjoyed my summertime visits there and had a blast – but you couldn’t take me back and leave – cuz then I’d be lost!

      Great pics – great fun!

      Miss ya!!

  4. I work at the top of Atwater – if I’d known you were all down at the market, I’d have waved ! LOL

    Sounds like a wonderful day 🙂

  5. J’adore Montreal! I love these photos and it looks like you all are having a great time. Say hi to Judy and Trena for me.

  6. I nearly got hit by a car in Vancouver because I was staring at a VERY HOT mounted policeman in bicycle shorts.

  7. It’s been 30 years since I went to Montreal – I loved it, and I didn’t even cycle there. What a great way to see the city. I checked out your Cycle Chic link. We just got back from Italy and they have that skill mastered – suits, briefcases and high-heels, no problem. Look forward to more about Montreal!

  8. What a fun trip and I love the market. I could spend the entire day just at the market. Continue having fun!

  9. Welcome to Montreal! I live here, and I read all you sewing bloggers pretty regularly. Wish I could have joined you on the PR circuit but I just joined and didn’t know about it…
    I hope you enjoy my beautiful city, and St Hubert Street (the fabric district). Be careful with poutine – the after-effects can be alarming… 🙂

  10. Love Montreal and I hate missing PR weekend for a work weekend in Toronto. It’s a fun city and what a perfect place for you and Trena to be. My five-year-old daughter saw the bike basket which has re-enforced her asking for one — so that her stuffed bunny can ride in it!

  11. Oh, I’m so envious – looks like a wonderful day. Your outfit was a perfectly cute riding outfit, too!

  12. Vive le Montreal! Enjoy your PR weekend, wish I was there with you lot (oh lucky me, I’ll be enjoying the wet & cold Antipodean winter, thinking of y’all perusing the charms of my home town….)

  13. I’m so mad at myself for letting the Montreal deadline slip by. Glad you and Trina are more organized! Have lots of fun and keep blogging for the benefit of us stay-at-home, jealous people.

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