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‘Your Girl is Lovely, Hubble.’

I met Robert Redford today. He hugged me. Suprisingly, I did not get accosted by security for staring at him with “crazy eyes”. He looked me deep in the eyes.  Again, probably because I was staring. And, I had to remind myself that 1.) it would be inappropriate to tell him I think he’s hot 2.) that I was techincially working so I shouldn’t gush.


I have no photo evidence of the hug. But, I SWEAR it happened. It was after I told him that ‘The Way We Were’ was my first grown up movie. That “Out of Africa” is a top 20 film for me. And that I could qoute lines from “Up Close and Personal”. And, then I said, ‘Your girl is lovely Hubble,’ and he laughed, said ‘thank you’ hugged me and went on stage.

Oh, I’m wearing a purchased jacket and a Patrones skirt. But, not the shoes from the Patrones photo. Those burn like the dickens. I had to give them away last year. Devil shoes.

31 thoughts on “‘Your Girl is Lovely, Hubble.’

  1. Man, you must have a good job! One day you tell us they are sending you to China & the next day you meet RR! Too bad tomorrow is Saturday-I thought maybe you’d be going for the hat trick!
    By the way-I go back farther! I fell in love when he was the Sundance Kid!

  2. Your life sounds a lot more exciting than mine, ha ha. And Robert Redford? I’m so jealous. I don’t care if he’s a hundred years old!

  3. That is sooooo cool!! Are his eyes as blue as they say they are?? Congrats on meeting a movie star – and for knowing so many of his films!!

  4. Wow! How exciting for you and flattering for him. You’re such a cutie and I know you made quite the impression! Good job on controlling yourself, I’m not too good in that department! LOL!

  5. Okay…I’m thrilled that you met him and if you had accompanied the line with moving his hair across his forehead like Baba did it would have been too perfect…but am I the only one who thinks he looks a little plasticky? Is it the way he photographed or am I just surrounded by so much Botox that I can spot it right away?

  6. O.M.G. He is so hot– I doubt I could have restrained myself from saying so. “…So much it hurts.” Love 🙂

  7. Don’t think I’m weird if I ask to hold the hand that touched RR the next time I see you. I had the poster of RR and Paul Newman in Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid on my bedroom wall as a teen. Now I’ve met a lot of celebs through business too but I think RR just might top them all. You lucky dog you!!!

  8. Bay-buh! You must tell us what the occasion was….what was going on!!! And I agree with other comments that you have quite the job!

  9. OK, that’s just way the heck cool. Did you grab his butt when you hugged? Tell the truth…. And can I go to China with you? PLEASE????? I’ll carry your fabric.

  10. OMG, I am so jealous! I have always had the hots for RR – to this day, Butch Cassidy and Three Days of the Condor are favorites. Glad you got rid of those burning shoes – life is too short for that!

  11. Wow-you lucky dog! Montreal=hot biker;
    Washington=RR; who will you met in China?

  12. He was at my daughter’s HS graduation last year (for his granddaughter). He sat in front of me. I tried very hard not to gawk and stare. How did you happen to be in the same place?

  13. What a lucky lady! Yep, he would be on my top ten list of sexy famous men to meet! Sounds weird, but Patrick Stewart is at the top of that list.

  14. I have to tell you that I also met Robert Redford. No, thinking – I only saw him. I was barked at (as were we all) by Hoffman. Let me think – the year 1974, `75? I was in high school and Redford and Hoffman were filming “All the President’s Men.” One scene (the secretary’s house) was a home only a block off my bike route to school. We’d stop on the way home and try to catch sight of the actors. This was in Bethesda, MD during my high school years. Anyway, your post sent me down memory lane.

    And you got a HUG!

  15. OMG! OK, I’m old enough to be your mother, so you can imagine how excited I am vicariously through you. He and Paul Neuman. Oh…

    The Sting saved movies for me. I had sworn I would never see another movie after seeing Exorcist and Alien backt to back. Then I broke down and saw The Sting. Oh…

    Kudos to you for your professionalism and maintaining a vertical position. I coudn’t have done it 🙂

  16. I’m so jealous! I’ve adored Robert Redford since I was about 12. Hubby knows he’d be in trouble if ol’ Redford moved in across the street.

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