China Sewing Break

Whew. I’m done with sewing for China at least for a week! I need to rethink this dress. I don’t know that I want / need a dress:

And, I’m not sure the fabric I picked for the Hello, Sailor! pants are really going to work. It might be too heavy for the heat. It’s a heat wave in Baltimore. I’ve tried to not talk about it since ‘weather’ is the lead story these days. And, quite frankly, it’s not snowing.  But, yesterday’s cotton trousers from GAP were sticky and I think I just need to stick with light, airy and loose for my trip. So, taking a mental break before I decide on my next two or three pieces.

Plus, I’m making an overnight trip to New York on Friday and have plans back in Baltimore all day Sunday. So, a break is needed from the sewing machine.

In the meantime, I noticed that I have sewn a LOT from one paticular issue of Burda. It’s the January 2008 edition. I’ve made four so far and have a fifth cut out and ready to be sewn — hopefully in time for China. I thought it might be intersting to show what I’ve done from it.

I actually never wear the shirt below 😦 The yellowish interfacing bothered me way too much. Plus, I couldn’t wear it under a blazer because it would wrinkle too much. So, it was strictly a spring / summer staple. It’s a shame. It’s a great shirt.


Ummm. I wore this about three times before most of the buttons came off (I didn’t know how to use my machine well then). And, it’s been hanging on my closet door for the last 1.5 years waiting for new buttons. Sad, right? Maybe I should do that on the bus tomorrow.




What’s the most Burda patterns you’ve sewn from one edition? Do you have a favorite Burda magazine of all time?


  1. I’ve used the January 2008 a lot too, and I remember February 2009 as a favorite issue. Not actually counted, but must be these two.

  2. I haven’t sewn alot of patterns just one issue but my favorite issue of all time is September 2006. I have made one pattern over six times. Does that count?

  3. Funny, but Jan 2008 was before my subscription started and I chose not to buy that issue. I never sew or wear button-down shirts so it didn’t seem that useful to me. Ah, no point in buyer’s remorse now when I’m drowning in my pattern magazine archives!

    My favourite issue of Burda (hands down!) is August 2006. I posted about how freaking awesome it is and showed off everything I’d made from it here. My favourite Patrones is definitely #272. And I don’t know about KnipMode, as they tend to consistently have 2-3 fantastic patterns in every issue, but none that stick out as having more than their fair share!

  4. 06/2008. Nice light sorta hippie summer stuff.

    I want to finish up a summer dress right now but it is also so hot I can’t bear to turn on the iron.

  5. Dye the first shirt – takes care of the interfacing issues and makes it wearable.

    Can you remake the last dress in a cute cotton print (black ‘n white) to take with you? That dress would work so well for most work and evening situations.

    What do you mean you’re coming to NY and I’m just hearing about this?!

  6. Oh, I had forgotten about those super-cool shirts in that issue! That 2nd shirt is a real stunner – get those buttons sewn back on!

  7. I think I made about half of the garments in the Sept 07 issue and I still keep going back to it.

  8. That’s funny… I was just thinking about this today…
    I’ve made 7 from 01-2008, runner up; 4 from 02-2008.

    I was just thinking what Carolyn already stated: Dye the shirt. If you don’t dye, send it to me I’ll do it for you. If the thread is polyester we’ll just call it a design choice 🙂

  9. You have made some neat items from that issue – your shirts are great. Get those buttons sewn on that shirt. (I HATE putting things like buttons back on a shirt – I totally understand why the shirt has been without them for so long!)

  10. Love all of the four items you’ve made from the issue and that multi-button shirt is too cute to hang on the closet door. I am sure it is pleading to have the buttons back on…

    I don’t have very many burdas but my favourite and most used is February 2009. Have made 5 out of it if I am keeping track right.

  11. When I travel, I go the route of 3 to 5 skirts (black, white, brown, maybe grey or tan), a bunch of blouses, and a couple of blazers. Then I’ve got the weather issues covered. Flats and heels and the shoes are covered. A dress is a one-purpose outfit, and I try to avoid those, due to space constraints. I’m looking forward to seeing what you settle on for china.

  12. Oh I sew way too much out of the BWOF (OK, I know that’s not right, but it will always be BWOF to me). But that dress…I guess having been through that style of dress in the 60’s, I have “issues” with that dress. I was looking around and found some other sources that might be fun inspiration:
    (This one would be great as a top and dress making it convertible – great for traveling)

    Maybe something with a little more fit, and sleeveless, that way it can go both evening (with a wrap) or day.

  13. Okay I must have that cute linen dress pattern!!. What issue f Burda was it in? Or is it an oop pattern? Thanks

  14. I love the palazzo pants and the linen top (not together, though) in your previous posts! I like Jan 2008 as well, but my all-time fave pattern comes from Feb 2008 — it is the petite style #117 coat.

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