Mondrian Spools

Fashion 26 hotel had this nifty art in the lobby. I love New York (my hometown I might add).  (cell phone photo above)

Photo below courtesy of Loohoo. Because, *choke*.  My camera died. Bad timing, eh? It’s going to put a serious cramp in my blogging for a minute. I need to get my visa for China and that’s as much a new camera. Oh, well.

And now, to bed! tomorrow, the Met exhibit on American Women’s Fashion.


  1. Fabulous, inspiring artwork. Maybe I could create a Monet knock off with all those inherited spools of cheap, junky thread.

  2. Oh no, how awful about your camera!! Maybe it will have a second wind and come back to life? Have fun!

  3. What a cool version of “Broadway Boogie Woogie”. I hope your camera decides to work again.

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