There’s Something to These Packing Cubes!

After several of you commented that I should try packing cubes (or referred me to sites where they are revered), I tossed a set in with my eBags order.

Holy cow. I love them.

I am a slob. Period. Let’s not mince words. I am clean. But, I am not neat. A housekeeper will be written into my pre-nup.  These, keep my bag and packing so organized!

Thanks for the tip!


  1. I am clean but not neat. Hubby is a neat freak who couldn’t care less about dirt. He makes stuff neat and square, I wash stuff. It works.

  2. Yes, cubes are the way to go. I have even had security people comment on my packing when I started using cubes. It means they also never touch a thing – just look in awe. : )

  3. I love these bags – so happy to see that you got yourself some.

    It was a delight to meet you last Friday. Hope you gave my regards to your parents.

  4. Do you have the big ones for your clothing? I absolutely love them. They keep my bag organized and compact everything so I can get more packed!! I loaned them to my mom and my brother when they traveled. They ended up buying their own because they liked them so much. I got mine at LLBean years ago. I have a set of three; large, medium, and small. I put pants in the big one, shirts in the medium, and my undergarments in the small one.

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