Kid’s Clothes

I realized some time ago that the odds of my making kids clothes anytime soon are small. I always think I’m going to make something for a friend’s child. But, just end up at Target instead. Not that I don’t like kids clothes. They also seem like they would take far less time to sew. But, I have limited sewing time and I choose to focus on, well, me. Besides, my children having friends are in two camps. The first that bug the bejeezus out of me to make them something. And, the other camp who can’t understand why I don’t just go shopping. I would only make something for a kid who’s mom sews. And, she’s not old enough yet to wear these clothes.

I started this three or six month subscription to the Russian language amalgamation of La Mia Boutique earlier this year. So far, meh. Last month I was so underwhelmed I don’t even know where I put the magazine. And this month? Toddlers. Or…. hmmm. What do you call them between three and 12? Youth?

I’m not even going to pretend. I’m giving this one away. The one caveat here, is that it can take me up to two months to go to the post office. I am horrible about it. And, it’s a five minute walk from my office.

For this giveaway, leave a comment if you’d like it. I’ll announce a winner next Friday.

Tonight, I’m going to the O’s game! So fun. Well, not really. But, it’s really fun from the suite / box level. And, it’s about the only sport I can actually easily follow (i.e. understand the rules).


  1. I have no kids, but I have a friend whose daughter calls me her second mommy, I would love this magazine. Pick me!

  2. Is it just me or does that dark kid look like she will grow up evil? Can understand why you dont want to keep this issue!

  3. I dont live too far from you. I am going to go to the Joann’s near me and see if they have a pink crate. I saw some crates last night but rushed over to view fabric. LOL. I feel you on the kid clothing. My daughter is 15 not quite a toddler but she says Mom why dont you just go to the mall and buy your clothes. LOL!! I dont mind more sewing time for my stuff!!!

  4. Actually, my Sewing Aunt in Louisiana would love to get her hands on something like that. Please add my name to the drawing.

    And I have maybe sewn 3 items for kids in my sewing life so you are not alone, LOL! Even my beloved nephew has yet to get anything sewn from me. No kids for me in the near (or far) future so…You are not alone!!!

  5. Well I might as well enter. I usually comment anyhow! I am enjoying little girl sewing again for Hailey and soon for the next grandsomething due on New Years Day. Why don’t you just bring it up here instead of mailing it?! Hope your mom is doing well- tell her I say hello when you are talking with her.

  6. I’d love this, but let’s face it – I’m having a boy, and they’re just not as fun to sew for either. Plus, three years away from that sewing age, and if I’m not sewing for my own kid what are the chances of me sewing for someone else’s! All that to say, I’m sure someone will enjoy sewing from these patterns πŸ™‚

  7. Oh my goodness. Cute clothes for my munchkins AND the opportunity to dust off the Russian dictionary. Educational sewing is just the best excuse I can think of to enter this draw.

    Good luck to everyone and thank you Cidell for being so generous.

  8. I realize my chance of winning the giveaway are slim so do you know if there are any sources for single copies? My daughter(age 9) would LOVE almost everything you’ve shown! That dress! That coat!

  9. I’m going to play the Selfish Seamstress game and give you good reasons to pick me. First of all, I majored in Russian and could use the practice translating the instructions. Second- I just (as in July 2) adopted 2 little munchkins and I would love to sew some of this stuff for them! πŸ˜‰

  10. I could not IMAGINE sewing regular everyday kid clothes, when they will just grow out of it in 6 months. Maybe a very special request Halloween costume or something. But everyday stuff. NFW.

  11. Love, love, love, sewing childrens clothes, for my four, and for 14 nieces and 4 nephews. That magazine would have a long and fruitful life:)

  12. Do not want the magazine. Just posting to say those are some surly looking children. Wow.

  13. I actually enjoy sewing for my three young children and would love to try some of those patterns – please enter me!

  14. Hello! My seven year old son loves anything that I make for him and really enjoys (!!!really) dressing nicely; we would love to receive this magazine. Did I mention my two-year old goddaugther!! Smiles!! Linda

  15. I love those clothes. They’d look great on my kids. Thanks for having this giveaway!

  16. I am drooling over all the pretty things I can SEW for my 8 year old. I have 3 but she is the only one that lets me sew for her. drool~drip~drool~drip.

  17. I have 2 grown sons who have gifted me with 5 beautiful DGKs. I sew sporadically for all of them–mostly things I can’t or wouldn’t buy. These are just the ticket!

    TIA for the chance!

    Lynda in LV

  18. I’d love this—I love that red coat! I have two little girls who are probably going to grow up every bit as evil as that dark-haired girl, although my younger daughter hides it better.

  19. Count me in on your drawing please! My first girl is due in a month and I am definitely sewing for her. Ditto on those sour looking children!

  20. I would love to make that red coat for my daughter. I am gong to try and make it anyway I love it that much. Thanks for the inspiration.

  21. I am not sure if you have closed this contest, but I would love to win. I only sew for my girls, but I am currently trying to work up the courage to sew for myself.

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