Someday I’ll Learn….

I’m still working on my China capsule. This, is Patrones’ #30 skirt from issue #252 (January 2007). Projects like these remind me that I hate hemming. Nevermind hemming a circle skirt that is also cut on the bias. With insets. Insets that have pleats.

And, someday I’ll learn to stop marking fabric with colors that will likely not wash out (yellow on khaki). Doh. My working theory is that no one is going to be looking at my knees.

This Patrones skirt I’ve made before. And, hopefully I’ll suck it up and hem it over the weekend. But, for now, I’m off to see ‘Inception’.


  1. Stop by the quilting notions aisle sometime and get either the blue or purple markers – purple is like disappearing ink, it’ll just fade. Blue is water-soluble, just press a damp cloth over the line and it goes away. 🙂

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