Back in the Saddle

This week, I sent off my visa application for China. I was peeved it cost $130 for Americans until I saw that the US charges about the same. 

 Anywho, it was going to cost me over $300 because for two solid days I couldn’t find my US passport. That $300 figure was between the rush, renewal and company charges. I was so relieved when I found my passport, I figured I was *saving* money. Therefor, I could use the money I *saved* and buy a new camera (which I was going to get before I left for China).   


Optio I-10

  At first, I wanted the Pentax Optio. Why? Because it looked like an old school camera. That’s it. But, the reviews for it were weak.So, I decided to spend a little extra and upgrade to a DSLR.  After Kathi’s recommendation (because it came in colors!!) I went with the Pentax K-X. It was highly ranked by a consumer magazine and I saw excellent reviews on line. It comes in a GAMILLION colors (well, eight in the US and a gamillion in Japan).    


  Not that I think SLRs take inherently better photos. I once had a friend comment that a mutual friend takes gorgeous pictures, “Because with a camera like that how can she not.” Which is like saying just because someone has a high-end sewing machine they are going to make beautiful clothes.  But, I think for photographing indoors and brown skin, they provide me a wider range of settings. Plus, I got a remote control too so it’ll be much faster to take photos of my in garments. 


I’ve had a film SLR for years. I really only stopped using it last year when film became so much more expensive to process. So, I’m thrilled and hopefully can get back to posting for reals.    


  1. Looks like a great camera- and white is so fun yet will go with everything 🙂 I’m sure you’ll love the remote control!

  2. Congratulations! The quality of the photo is better on a dslr because the ccd is larger,so more room for all those pixels. But, that being said, if you are a lousy photographer with a phd (push here dummy) camera you’ll still be one with an DSLR. Enjoy and get some great pictures.

  3. Why do important documents disappear right when you need them? It’s like the missing sock in the dryer. Where do they go?!!

  4. What a relief for you to have gotten your new camara. It’s such a necessity for showing all your great creations. China seems like the trip of a lifetime. Can’t wait to hear all about it. Your travel wardrobe is shaping up nicely!

  5. You are going to love your camera! I bought that camera in navy back in February and it really is an awesome camera. You will be glad you spent the extra money to upgrade to it. There are a lot of little ones in my extended family and now I actually get pictures of faces rather than the backs of their heads as they wander off. You will be amazed at the difference in the shutter speed over your old point and shoot. Can’t wait to see the pictures you take with it.

  6. I have the same camera. My Kodak died a few weeks ago and I was tryihng to decide if I shoulod get another high end point and shoot or go the extra mile and get the DSLR. I checked out lots of cameras online and settled on the White Pentax K-x as well. I have only had her since yesterday but I already love it. I hope you will share some pics when you get back. Bon Voyage …

  7. I love my Leica SLR, but use the PHD Kodak for the convenience. Maybe I need to look at this Pentax, because I have a Pentax K1000 and an A3000 film SLRs that I still love, too. As you said, the film processing is such a problem now…

  8. If you want to use your SLR–I get all my film developed to digital for $2 per roll. It’s returned with a disc and my negatives.

  9. It comes in eight colors now??? I feel a bit cheated! I got mine back in December when it first came out – red, white, and black were the only options. I just looked – they have orange now. I should have waited!! Oh well, I love, love, love my red one!!
    Have fun with it!!

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