Wanna See My Muslin?

I don’t like shorts. I have horrible chub rub (from full inner thighs) and find that shorts look disgusting on me. Skirts are my preferred summer bottom option.  I’ve started taking my  bike to work twice a week. While I would love to wear cute clothes and ride chic, it’s not feasible right now.

I asked Emilie of Jalie in Montreal if they had bike shorts and she steered me to this running skirt pattern. And, I think it’s the perfect workout solution for me.

This, is my muslin. I made mine with the knicker / skirt combo. You will see in a moment why it is my muslin. I’m still going to wear it, but it is by no means the final product.

Here’s the front


Back. Oh, Whoops.

LOL. Yeah. As you can see, the running skirt has to do double time to cover my ample  rear end. So, I made a full seat / swayback adjustment to this pattern in both the knickers and in the skirt. Based on the above photo, I could have made a bigger adjustment. It’s dipping at the center back and riding up in the center. Luckily, I also have some directions on how to alter for a rising skirt in the back (an absolute epidemic on Baltimore city streets). Expect a new version soon! I’ve already made alterations to the pattern!

So, I played around with my new camera today!

Living Room



  1. The running skirt is a perfect solution to your dilemma! And your living room is so pretty; glad to see you enjoying your new camera. Does it have a built in flash, or just the hot shoe for a separate unit?

    • It does have a pretty good built in flash. I was very surprised by these indoor photos. I do plan to buy a hot shoe flash, but I couldn’t decide which one and I need the $$ 🙂

  2. The cycling skirt is a great solution, and that one is very cute! Another ploy is just go ahead and wear the bicycle shorts (I prefer knee length when I can find them) and carry a skirt to throw over them when i’m out of the saddle–wrap-arounds are great for this.

    What a beautiful living room! Did you design the wall treatment yourself?

    • This pattern is great as it has bicycle shorts too! One pattern piece for front and back which I thought was interesting.

      TY regarding the wall. I don’t have a lot of art and at the time (and now) don’t have money for any. So, I thought it would be a fun way to decorate.

  3. I ride, pretty much, daily. However, I do live in (which isn’t saying much, in comparison to other non-US cities) one of the most bicycle-friendly cities in the US: San Francisco. My “style” of riding wear is my everyday clothes; many people ride that way here (although, the Lycra Brigade does exist in full force), because bicycling is our way of getting about town (to our jobs, to food shop, to go see a movie…you know, everyday things). I learned a lot from Copenhagen Cycle Chic; perhaps, it will inspire you, too.


  4. I’ve had this pattern for a while but have never gotten around to it. Running skirts are crazy expensive.

  5. I’ve been eying that particular pattern — it looks great on you! And very wearable — athletic, but not too short. It looks comfortable, too.

  6. Your living room is gorgeous!

    I’d be really interested in hearing how you do that adjustment as I have the same problem.

  7. Awesome!! I know what you mean about chub-rub, I just made some exercise shorts with gussets and they do a great job. But I love that Jalie skirt! It is sooo flattering. And the new camera! wow, I can see already that you will get great photos with that.

  8. I love this pattern. Might even look good on my bod.

    You have a wonderful living room. Love how the vintage grandfather clock is juxtaposed against the ultra modern wall and furniture. Eclectic!

  9. I just ordered that pattern because now that I’m back on the bike, I want to wear something better than spandex shorts when I ride to work.

  10. Glad you are having fun with the camera!!
    Love that living room wall – very cool.
    Your skirt is well on its way. Sounds like you are working out all the issues and will soon have a perfect TNT!!

  11. I am soooo glad you showed a picture of your living room! I know I was supposed to be checking out the sewing project but I was looking at your gorgeous rug and furniture instead. It is beautiful! I don’t know if my monitor color is correct, but your walls look plum colored just like my bedroom. Love it!

  12. I hate regular shorts as well, my thighs get chapped as they run together, sadly. I do my running in lycra shorts, sort of mid-thigh length. It’s just the lycra that rubs together, not my skin. Biking shorts are similar, but with padding in the seat for comfort. I appreciate the added comfort, but hate being seen anywhere in those…no extra girth needed! The skirt is really cute though.

  13. I love the new pattern. Very happy to see you using the new camera. (I have a Canon Rebel XSI I have yet to use – yikes!) BTW the Paradoxal looks fantastic on you.

  14. “an epidemic in Baltimore city streets” LOL, coffee almost splashed my laptop. I think with your mods is going to look great.

  15. I also have to comment on your extremely cool living room. (It’s so fun to see the digs of creative people!) What a nice room to BE in.

  16. Really cute pattern. I play tennis and that would be gorgeous for tennis skirts.

    Have you ever done a post on your full seat / swayback adjustment? I really need to learn to do this for my DD. I would also love to see your post on your adjustments for this skirt.

    Also, just wanted to say that I really enjoy your blog.

  17. Where did you buy the fabric for the skirt and what type of fabric did you use? I am thinking about making one since buying one costs $60-$70 and I can’t find one that has the right fabric/fit to be comfy.

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