Another FBA for Me

I won’t even bother cautioning you on my lack of fitting expertise. Due to a R/X change, I had some abdomen bloating and jumped to a bigger cup size in a matter of days. In fact, I could likely try two sizes up and it might fit. I just don’t know why I couldn’t get the bigger bust without the gut. All this means I’ve had to start doing FBAs (and buy a lot of new bras). My current project has been cut for several months, this #108, January 2008 blouse.

It’s quite popular on with 18 current review, but I’m just getting around to it now. For this, I made a princess seam FBA based on Sandra Betzina’s Fast Fit. Come to think of it, I think this is the only FBA I’ve really done.

Ooooh!! All the pretty colors!

  1. Red is what I slashed and spread. About 1/2 an inch
  2. Yellow is the original grainline
  3. Green is the new grainline
  4. Ummmm, I do not recall what the blue is or why I marked it. I thought it was my slashline. But, I don’t think it is. Oh, well.

One reason this project took so long is because the fabric (purchased in NYC the time before last. I think Elizabeth bought the same.) is see through. I finally got batiste from Mood when I was in NYC last month.

Last night I underlined it while watching True Blood. I also cut this pattern before I thought to alter for sleeve width and there isn’t a scrap of fabric left.

Tonight, I did basic assembly which took a little over an hour. I should spend tomorrow night cutting and fusing my interfacing.

Odds are looking good I’ll githerdone over the weekend. It’s top number 3 of 4 of my East Coat to Far East capsule.

I need to decide on top stitching (wasn’t loving my first attempt at it).


  1. This is my favourite blouse pattern of all time. You’ll end up with a great looking top when you get the fit right. I really like this fabric. Are you going to wear the bow with it?

  2. Beautiful, as usual! I was wondering if you have ever sewn a man’s tie. My hubby wants me to make him ties to match my dresses that I make. Yikes! I don’t have a pattern, although I know Vogue has one. He wants a 7 fold tie but I don’t think Vogue’s is that fancy. Any suggestions? Karen from Sewing by the Seat of my Pants directed me to you, (although I’ve been reading your blog for quite awhile).

  3. PS where do you find all those awesome nail polishes? (I guess that’s living in a city?) I hate the reds and pinks but love the dark blues, greens, and offbeat blacks. I rarely see them for purchase though.

    • Hi Sara!

      I order mostly online from and The other brands like RBL, BB Coutur, and Zoya have thier own websites to sell from. Sally’s Beauty Supply (if you have one) is great for getting China Glaze. I try and so some drugstore shopping as they are always on sale and have special collections with the more interesting colors that come out. If you have a CVS, Milani is *great*. I am in fact now on the hunt for a color from them called ‘Dress Maker’.

  4. Oh I’ve done this twice and believe it or not there’s a dart in there….between the upper side of the bottom piece and the lower part of the upper side front – does that make sense?….Well, here it is the first time I did it:

    And here it is the second time I did it when I did take in the side dart seam a little:

    This is a very close-fitting blouse or I thought it was, and although it fits, it fits closely.

    Hope that helps

  5. I love your new blouse even though it’s not finished yet. You have me so wanting to use my fabric now. Must find a pattern. Can’t wait to see it on you.

  6. That fabric will end up as a beautiful shirt! Let me ask about your “pretty color” of red on the center front bib. Are those lines paralell IRL? IOW is the slash done evenly all the way accross? TIA

  7. You can work AND watch True Blood at the same time? I am in awe. It is one of the only tv shows that truly captures my attention to the point I cannot do anything else! The last few weeks have been moving at such a speed that I feel like I miss things just by blinking.
    Can’t wait to see the top. You know, I think age causes the fluctuations in size also. I see a much bigger difference now than 10 years ago around my period. Of course, you are younger than I!!!

  8. Oooh, lookin’ good so far, and I’m super impressed with your FBA. When I make edits, I don’t even think to adjust the grainline unless it’s super obvious that I should. Sigh. I need to get that Burda issue too- I’ve been wanting that blouse as well as that brown dress with the shawl collar forever!

  9. I remember that fabric! The new blouse is looking good…how many more pieces before the East/West China Wardrobe is done?

  10. Ha! I just recently re-discovered this one amongst all the BWOFs I’ve sewn next to nothing from for the last couple years while doing my MA. I really want to make one of these myself, hopefully sometime in the fall or winter I’ll be able to (the PhD starts this Sept, so we’ll see).

    I love the bow, personally. It’s a big part of what drew me back to it, seeing as how Emma Pillsbury has become a huge style inspiration for me of late!

    (p.s. – I’m a Trueblood fan too, along with being a gleek, lol)

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