I don’t know what took me so long

I put my buttons back on my 1/2008 #105 blouse last night during Last Comic Standing and got to wear it to work. So many compliments. I’m ashamed it took me 18 mos to fix it! But, I must say, I don’t love it like I did the first time. I see several things that I would do better if I were sewing it now. It’s remarkable how much you progress without realizing it. Most importantly, I would use good interfacing. This is from when I was still using the cheap stuff and it’s wrinkly in in the collar. Such an interesting pattern. Would love to make it again this fall.

If you don’t read the PR boards you may have missed this bit. Two weeks ago I colored my hair (which I have done more times than I can count). I first do a lift, then put in the red. Well, for some reason I used a different lift and the red just didn’t take. My hair was a golden orange color. Of course, I did this on Sunday night around 10 p.m. I had to go out to the drugstore in the hood in the middle of the night to buy a semi-permanent rinse so I coulg get to work the next day. I made Trena stay on the phone with me the entire time and brow beat her about if I should try to cover it with red or just go darker. I went darker. It’s starting to wash out now (because it’s a semi-permanent) but just around my hairline — which is still orangy red. I think I’ll just leave it alone and see where I end up in a few weeks. And, maybe it’s time to embrace the color the Lord gave me.

And, my Axiom shopper pannier bags came. I love a bargain. These were on clearance for 50% off! Next time, I’ll try and make them with the directions that Marie-Christine sent. But, it would have cost me more in fabric this time than the completed bag. And, this way — I’ll have a pattern 😀 I’ve now ridden downtwon four times. Today was the first time I did it by myself (I have a friend who rides daily and have been going with her). Now, I just need to work on riding back home (it’s mostly uphill).


  1. Cidell what is a lift? and What brand do you normally use.
    I used to colour my natural hair first by bleaching with peroxide and basic white but it made my hair really brittle so I never did it again. But I NEED some colour in my life and permanent colour does not adhere readily to my hair (i have the type of hair you do).

    • Ahh. When I say lift, I guess I mean bleach then a permenant color. It’s not great for my hair, but I only do it every three to four months. I like (I think this is the name) White Out. It’s at Sally’s Beauty Supply and like every corner hair store in the city. I’ll double check the name tonight. I have to do a lift for the red to take. And, when I do it myself it lasts longer than when I got it done professionally.

        • I live the Jamaica and I have never seen a lift in a beauty supply store here….maybe I wasn’t looking, but I did google afterwards and It does seem like a bleach. I went red once but I bleached it for too long so it was orange when i was done. But after is faded I coloured again it’s was a nice shade of reddish/brown. But after a couple of years I had to trim the locks since every time I washed my hair I had a nice big clump of coloured ends and was told never to bleach ever again.

          I will see how the professional does it first and ask the relevant questions before I venture out on my own once again.

  2. Lovely shirt & it fits you so well! Add my compliments to all of the others you received. So, what is your natural hair color? Mine’s black. I’m starting to get rather gray, but I’m still fighting the “should I color it or not” battle. I’m just too lazy to deal with the maintenance once I start!

  3. Love, love, love the shirt! I’m so glad you finished it. 🙂 I am definitely going to make this for the fall. And I am also seriously in love with your bike. My bike is a 20 yo Peugot which is a perfectly good and I never have to worry about anyone stealing it but sometimes I just covet something shiny and new!

    As for your hair color, I have always loved the red but you can never go wrong with your natural color. I’ve decided to wait until the gray starts coming in and then really have some fun with color.

  4. Nice shirt; it’s very Byron Lars (and I have collected all of his patterns from Vogue).

    What kind of bike is that? I don’t see any gear shifters and derailleur cables. Is it a one-speed? Does it have an internal shifter thingy in the hub?

  5. I really like the blouse, even with the problems you see!! If I liked blouses, I might consider making one!
    Sorry about your hair. I had a bad highlight job right after my oldest son was born, he was maybe a month or so old. It was way too bleached out. I decided to just dye it to get it to look normal. It ended up this strange orange/blonde color. I decided to dye it again a darker color. I took the poor child out twice in the same day to get dye to try to get my hair a normal color – it was quite an ordeal!!
    I really like those bags for your bike – they are rather stylish!

  6. I love the interest take you have on Burda projects – always slightly different, something exciting about them. In order words, great blouse!

  7. I say (somewhat hypocrytically since I’m an “enhanced” natural blonde) embrace the black. Not sure that looking older at your age is a big problem 🙂

    Those look like flat buttons which can be easily sewn on by machine. I hate sewing on buttons a lot. Also, I avoid hand hemming whenever possible.

    I’ve always loved that shirt. I will make one for myself someday.

  8. Love the bike, especially the pink trim! I’ve had my eye on that blouse for a while now but haven’t worked up the nerve to tackle it — you did a great job! As for the hair, I just had my first “full head” dye job, because the highlights just weren’t doing anything for the gray hairs that keep multiplying every time I look in a mirror. Such a pain!

  9. Love the blouse. Really attractive with how you used the button closure. As to hair coloring, I was a platinum blonde forever. I grew up during the “mad men” era and believed the slogan-“blondes have more fun”. Being a natural blonde to begin with. Later I got a perm that burnt my blonde over processed hair and I wore scarves for two weeks until I could get my hair cut into a pixie cut to begin to let it grow out to natural color which was and always has been, multi shades of blonde and mousy brown. Now it is blonde, silver, platinum all on its own. You may be surprised that you will love your natural hair color.

  10. Meanwhile I got my new subscription card for the bike-rental thing in my town, and I’ve been riding obsessively. 10mn to the movies! Back home in less than a quarter an hour when I get out at 1am and the metro’s stopped and it’s nearly a 45mn walk. Aaaah.

    I get a wire basket every time. Can’t wait till I rush off, forgetting the bag I put it in. Sigh. Your new paniers look totally smashing. And life’s too short to make -everything-. So ride, and enjoy.

  11. what would you consider to be ‘good’ interfacing? i have the same problem with the collars and would like to avoid this in the future. 🙂

  12. Glad to see you’re wearing the shirt. I too have projects that are toast because I used the wrong/cheap interfacing because I was in too much hurry to wait on getting more of the good stuff. Isn’t it annoying?
    And, I’m currently of the opinion that accepting the hair color that the Lord graced one with is a highly overrated prospect. Not being anywhere close to my known hairstylists, I just bought a package of the do-it-yourself variety. I’m going to use it with trepidation.

    So how long will you be in China?

  13. oh, LOVE the bike. And, some things it’s just better to buy. Great panniers. Don’t bother trying to make your own.

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