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Too Literal?

Occasionally at work I engage in stunt dressing. Last month, we had Boy Scouts from Kawasaki, Japan visiting.

 (click to enlarge)

I wanted to wear my pink Burda kimono. But, went with my Burda obi.  The dress is from June 2009 Burda. Too literal or a cultural nod?

Next post (I promise): winner for Milani polishes and a review of my polka dot blouse. Just *no* time!

7 thoughts on “Too Literal?

  1. With all due respect I doubt many boy scouts would notice that kind of thing! But it is a great dress and if a bit of “stunt dressing” gets it worn then I’m all for it!

    1. They barely noticed me 🙂 I just tend to do this. People from Africa come, I wear a Ghana print. China? I’m rocking brocade.

  2. ummm….we are talking about teenaged boys, yes? and the question is, did they notice an an obi belt? that quite nicely cinches le waist?

    although of course i am sure that wasn’t the intent!

  3. I think it’s just perfect (although I approve of stunt dressing, too!)
    I love that photograph- there is alot going on.
    You look so genuinely charmed by the kids. And they are some-kind-of CUTE.

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