Pattern Review: Jalie 2796, Multi-Sport Skirt, Compression Shorts, Hot Pants

Another Jalie MultiSport Skort

I had grand dreams today of working on a dress. But, I tried to hang last night with the 20 somethings in my office and am suffering for it today. Quick post on what I did eek out before I head out to show for Baltimore Fashion Week.

I am not a sports person. I never played organized sports and I don’t follow any.  I can’t throw a baseball and I’m scared the basketball will hit me in my face during lay ups. I once got hit in the face by a soccer ball in 8th grade and haven’t looked back since.  The only games I go to are the Oriole’s when I get free box seats at work. And, event then, I don’t watch the game. I like very little physical exercise. 1. Swimming 2. Biking 3. Ballet I used to like yoga but it’s too hard on my wrist (tendonitis).  And by like, I mean ‘don’t hate’. Be it vanity or health, exercise is a necessity and you gotta wear something cute.

I really love this Jalie 2796. Here is my second version (with knickers).  Infinitely more flattering on me than shorts. The best feature is the side pocket that can hold your iPod or Blackberry (me).

This version is with the wider waistband. I have a seam down the center back because I make a swayback adjustment which also serves a full seat adjustment.

Funny aside. When I first made this up I was slightly annoyed that Jalie just had diagrams and no written instructions. Turns out THEY DO. I just needed to actually look at the entire pattern instead of the section with photos. Doh. But, that should tell you how simple this pattern is to construct. This time, I didn’t even look at the pictures.

I actually look almost athletic, huh?


  1. I love those, I want to get that pattern when I get the chance. I hate how I look in shorts and love wearing a short slim skirt instead that is a stretch maternity skirt, but I wear tops long enough to cover the panel. I like the integrated pants underneath to eliminate the thigh rub, too.

  2. I love your adjustments on this one. Woot for red!!! I’ve wanted to make my own running skirt but have trouble finding the right type of material. What material is this?

  3. Looks great on you! You say it is easy but would it be easy for a beginner sewer? I haven’t made anything in a stretch fabric yet. I’d love to have one for running rather than shorts!

  4. Oh I didn’t notice that little side pocket before nor did I see the way the white crosses at the bottom. Cute details. I have got to pull this out and make it. I am so inspired by the workout clothes I’ve been seeing on the blogs. Nice job, and yes you do look athletic in it! 🙂

  5. This is great on you. Thinking you look good in your exercise gear is so important to going out and exercising and you look great in this. Love the color.

  6. I need this pattern. Could have used that skirt on my hike today. Of course you look athletic. Were you just posing or were you on your way to work out? Of course I just got the pr from Deborah Lippman for Across the Universe and you already have it. You are way ahead of the nail polish curve.

  7. That looks great! Such a good idea, too – I’ve just been wearing a stretchy jersey skirt over running shorts, but wicking fabric would be wonderful.

  8. Dang, you’ve (almost) convinced me to work out. I do love the skirt pattern – and I play golf from time to time. AND I bought some wicking fabric a couple of years ago that I’d intended for tops but is too heavy, in some coordinating colors. And Jalie is always great. Hmmmm.

  9. What surprised me most about this blog post was what you said about your exercise routine. As EricaB said, you look very athletic. No weightlifting? Cute outfit that looks good on you.

  10. I love the skirt! Those are so nice to workout in. Your skin is just gorgeous btw 🙂

  11. Very cute, inspires me to look for patterns for workout garments. I definitely need some, and like you, I don’t like it very much, but it’s a necessity. A nice outfit makes you feel better.

  12. Bonjour Miss Celie!!
    Wondering what type of exercise you do to get the Bod?? (Wondering ‘cos of your footwear :/)…
    ALSO, how much do you love your ($500 CAN) Kenmore sewing machine?? I’m looking…
    Soft hug,
    Rhonda, still in Montreal 😉

  13. I know you are busy busy! If you have a minute to answer, must one use a serger to do this pattern successfully? My serger and I aren’t on the best of terms right now. The Jalie site shows coverstitching. No coverstitch machine here.

    btw, I have the same sandals…

  14. Wow, I love both your muslin and the finish project! This is a great solution for me too! Especially because I much prefer this look to shorts! Thanks for the great post!!

  15. Not athletic? You had me convinced there, rocking the uniform like you are. My DSIL would love one of these, if only shipping were reasonable. Heck, DB would love one too for his Blackberry but the skirt would be a problem.

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