Baltimore Fashion Week and Milani Winner

The winner of the Milani nail polish is: Kira! Congratulations! Thanks everyone for participating! I should tell you, Essie also has a sewing themed line this fall. You can see the colors here. I hear Milani now has the polish on their website. I was only every able to find it at CVS.

Saturday night I went to see one of the four days of show for Baltimore Fashion Week.

The show was fun (no flash photography allowed). But, I really loved these two guys who were in the front row. They altered their own outfits. You couldn’t tell them nothin’! When I asked for a photo they eagerly posed for me.

The Creamsicle dress is my summer go to dress and was perfect for Fashion Week. Since making the Creamsicle dress in April, I’ve hemmed it by  a good three inches. Why? I was out a few months ago with friends in DC. We were dancing and having a grand old time. Then, I had this weird realization. I looked around the room and realized I must have had the longest skirt on in the entire club.  Now, you can actually see my *knees*. Scandalous, no?

Oh! And if you love pop culture, fashion and are in the Baltimore area, might I suggest you follow my friend John John on Twitter? He’s the (new) fashion, pop and food critic at the Baltimore Sun newspaper ! They lost their fashion writer Tanika last year and have just picked John John up. I’ve been begging him to get on Twitter for ever and he finally did last month. He’s @popcouturejjw4 and will have his fashion blog up and running in September.

That’s him being all fashiony.


  1. Oh honey, you hemmed that 3″? You are too young to wear your club clothes that long! Great pics of the two guys and you in your dress.

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