In Progress; Vogue 1086, Tracy Reese Dress

First, I really want to say a sincere thank you to everyone who has left me comments on my last three garments. I know I read dozens of blogs and don’t always have time to leave a comment. So, the fact that you took time out to do so is pretty awesome.

I leave for China a week from Wednesday and wanted to take one new dress with me. I settled pretty quickly on Vogue 1086. I have two pieces of wax print left from my Ghana trip a few years ago. I wanted something I could tour in, but also I could wear to a meeting or dinner.

I’ve made a touch of progress since this photo 🙂 I now need to add the armhole binding and hem the dress and the cotton batiste lining. Which, I am pretty sure I can do in one good night after work.

If that happens, I have one more weekend of sewing. Which, I may shoot for a twill straight skirt or a khaki jacket. I know, crazy right?


  1. It looks good so far. I like the fabric, it reminds me off the cottons that are popular in Africa. Have a great time in China!

  2. Nice dress, very colourful. Reminds me of the fabrics from Gambia that I still have in my stash. I should make something with those, looking at your dress I think I feel some ideas bubbling up 😉

  3. Can’t decide whether I’m most envious about your trip or your wardrobe :-).
    But tell me, you were in Ghana right? Did you ever see anyone line that wax fabric? Did you think that’s because they didn’t know how?

  4. Oh, I just LOVE that fabric! Now I’m curious – what are you lining it with? Cotton batiste? Sorry if you already said it. I looked, but I must need another cup of coffee.

  5. Lovely colours and shape which will be gorgeous on you. Have a wonderful time exploring exotic china.

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